The hilarious Razor Crazy Cart drift machine


July 24, 2014

Razor's Crazy Cart: available August 1 in the UK

Razor's Crazy Cart: available August 1 in the UK

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When the Crazy Cart first launched in the USA, Canada and Australia last year, it made a huge splash. Not just for its awesome sideways drifting action, but because it featured quite frankly the best promotional video we've ever seen. Now, Razor has announced that its "ultimate drift machine" is available in the UK from August 1.

Before we continue, if you haven't yet seen it, you owe it to yourself to watch this video:

If that homage to the awesome Ken Block gymkhana videos doesn't make your wallet start burning a hole in your pocket, we recommend you check your pulse!

The Crazy Cart is a fairly simple concept. It has a small electric motor that drives a single wheel located in the center of the cart, towards the front. That wheel can be steered in 360 degrees using a small steering wheel, which features a little arrow that points in the direction the wheel is pointed.

At the rear of the cart sits a pair of caster wheels. As you drive along, at a maximum speed of 12 mph (nearly 20 km/h), the caster effect on those rear wheels pulls the back of the cart into line with the front wheel, so you're always driving forward.

When you pull on the "drift bar" at the side, it tilts the rear caster wheels so the caster effect is almost zero, which means the cart is free to face in just about any direction, no matter which way the front wheel is driving. You can do anything from driving straight backwards, to extreme sideways drifting, to spinning crazily on the spot. You don't need to worry too much about tipping it over, thanks to a couple of extra anti-tip caster wheels at the front.

It looks like absolutely ridiculous fun, and a handy way to calibrate your brain to sideways driving if you're thinking of getting into drifting in a bigger machine.

Unfortunately, the current Crazy Cart can only handle riders up to 140 lb (64 kg) so it's more of a kids' fun machine. With a bit of luck Razor will pull its finger out and make one us bigger lads can ride.

The Crazy Cart is available now in America, Canada and Australia, with those in the UK able to join the fun from August 1 for £499.99 (US$850).

Product page: Razor

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There surely isn't a better place to put the IOM m/cl racing video than in the middle of an item with the word 'Crazy' in its title.

The Crazy Cart looks a lot of fun; pity I stand absolutely no chance of getting down to the maximum weight limit.

As for the IOM TT video, if it was not significantly speeded up, then I can only assume that free-fall skydiving without a parachute into shark infested waters would be too dull a hobby for any of the riders taking part. 'Brave' does not come even close to describing them.

Mel Tisdale

As a person with many ears of experience in autocrosses and a life-long interest in motorsports, I can honestly say that "drifting" as it's become popular, is not the fastest way around an autocross or other race course. If it were, you'd see everything from NASCAR teams to SCCA road racers doing it.

The skill and daring of the professional is the sport of drifting is impressive, but it's not road racing nor even close.

James Smith


Walt Stawicki

drifting is not road racing in the same way ballet or modern dance is not gymnastics, but it is still a fun sport that requires skill and dedication to master. Also, whilst you don't see many drifting turns in motorsports such as SCCA or Nascar, you do see it quite often in rally.

As someone who is also up to their ears in motorsport, I get tired of seeing some of my bretheren bemoan drifters. You'll see the same type of people make fun of "those lil rice burning 4 cyls" and the v8 only crowd.

Its fun to do, and this device looks to drastically lower the barrier of entry. Its not something I would buy at retail price, but if one were to turn up used at a decent price, I would part a few of my hard earned dollars for one. I can certainly see this making a wonderful amusement ride...

Michael Wilson

this is great fun! Im getting one for Xmas for sure! I bet smyths will have them on offer soon. This is the one I want: crazy razor cart

Roman Sadowski
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