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Raspberry Pi Model B RAM doubled


October 15, 2012

The Model B Raspberry Pi has undergone a significant upgrade (Photo: Gijsbert Peijs)

The Model B Raspberry Pi has undergone a significant upgrade (Photo: Gijsbert Peijs)

Apparently in response to Raspberry Pi enthusiasts calling for a more capable addition to the lineup, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has today gone one better and doubled the RAM available in the existing Model B unit to 512 MB, without increasing the asking price of US$35.

In a blog post published today the Foundation implies that the RAM increase transforms the Model B into a viable general purpose computer capable of running "multiple large applications" at once.

There's good news for consumers who have ordered but are still awaiting their Model B Raspberry Pi delivery: they will receive the 512-MB variant without having to take action. A firmware upgrade enabling users to access the additional RAM should be released in the next few days.

Sales of the Raspberry Pi have been buoyant since launch, with 500,000 units shipping in the first six months. Last month Pi-creator Eben Upton predicted that the millionth Pi would ship by Christmas.

Source: Raspberry Pi Foundation

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Uhhh, mine broke, im sending it back in for a replacement! uh yeah, that's the ticket!

Mexoplex 5 Million

Make your way to the checkout, and it's $42 before shipping. Seriously, just go buy a phone - same price, but includes a touch screen, 10x more sensors, 4x more ram, battery, 3G, wifi, cameras, gps, charger, audio, decent upgrade-able O/S, etc yada yada.


I have two pies and a beagleboard. Xm. Beagleboard blew its USB bus up before I could do anything useful with it.

RasPi also has a major bottleneck with the USB bus. You can't put more than 100mA through them.

So in order to make your Raspberry Pi useful you will need to buy a USB hub.

Also if you want decent graphics you'll need a DVi-D to HDMI cable that will cost you as much as the Raspberry Pi.

Doulbling the RAM still doesn't make it worth the effort.


I have figured out a way to fix the underpowered USB port. Got myself a few USB chargers and dual port USB cables. This fix sorted out the problem with ALL the underpowered USB ports on all the PCs too.

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