Time goes hands-free with QLOCKTWO W watch


April 12, 2012

The QLOCKTWO W watch spells out the time in words

The QLOCKTWO W watch spells out the time in words

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Japan’s Tokyoflash has made a name for itself with numerous weird and wonderful – or maybe baffling - ways to tell the time. Now, bringing to mind Homer Simpson’s quote of, “From now on Honey, we'll be spelling everything with letters,” when Marge is impressed by a house that has its street number spelled out with letters, German design agency Biegert & Funk is set to release a wristwatch that fancies things up by telling the time in words.

Essentially a shrunk down version of the company’s QLOCKTWO wall and desktop clocks, the QLOCKTWO W features a square face measuring 35 x 35 mm (1.37 in) that contains a grid of 110 letters. Press the button on the right hand side of the watch and the relevant letters will light up to reveal the time in readable text – “It is half past ten” or “It is a quarter to seven”, for example. Additional presses of the button will reveal the calendar day, and then the seconds.

Biegert & Funk will release the QLOCKTWO W in the northern autumn in stainless steel or black with either a rubber or leather strap. The company will also offer the watch in both English and German language versions. They will retail at approximately €550 (approx. US$724) each.

Source: Biegert & Funk via designboom

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It's only natural - we've moved from making words out of numbers ("80085" = "BOOBS") on calculators to using words to denote numbers! A nifty conversation starter; I'd get one for 1/10th the price.

Bob Fately

True! The watch looks good, very neat and modern design.

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