PUSH puts your wallet inside your smartphone case


December 11, 2013

Push uses a spring-loaded drawer to store credit cards with a smartphine

Push uses a spring-loaded drawer to store credit cards with a smartphine

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With a quick look at any crowdfunding website one can't help but notice that a lot of people think the wallet needs to be redesigned. While some of these efforts simply aim to make the humble carrier of money and credit cards smaller, others like PUSH look to merge the wallet with that other must-carry item of modern life – the smartphone.

Essentially, PUSH is a smartphone case with a small drawer that pops out when the user pushes a button located on the back. Once closed, the device is designed to lock tight, preventing cards from falling out in the event that the phone is dropped.

This wallet/smartphone case is certainly aimed at people who don't carry a lot of stuff, as it only fits three credit cards or two cards and a bit of cash. The positive trade-off here is that the case is not super bulky.

Of course, iPhone wallets are nothing new, but the reason PUSH is better, at least according to its creators, is that there are no pockets to stretch out, and it's not displaying your cards and money in the open, so it keeps things a little more secure.

PUSH still faces the main drawback of combining smartphone and wallet, and that is if you lose one, you lose both. On the other side of the equation, having your wallet with your smartphone allows you to use GPS apps to track it, whereas if you lose your wallet normally, you are pretty much out of luck (unless your wallet has tracking capabilities too).

As of this writing, PUSH is only going to be available for iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5S. The company has not announced plans to bring it to other smartphone models just yet.

Dapperbox, the group behind PUSH, is seeking funding on Kickstarter. It has entered its funding period with a modest goal of US$15,000, and it's just about one-third of the way there. A pledge of $39 puts you in line for the PUSH wallet and if all goes well, deliveries are slated to begin in March 2014. Once in production, the full retail price will be $75.

The Kickstarter pitch below provides more information and shows the PUSH case in use.

Source: Kickstarter

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I tied a lanyard (wrist loop cord) on my phone to help prevent loss & accidents. Works really well.


3 cards or 2+some bill??

Way to little. On a normal day I NEED to have at least these cards with me: Bank-card, Bus-card, Drivers-licence (=ID), Insurance-card, Shopping-discount-card. Plus for emergencies when the store pay-machine doesn't work on my card I need to at least have some money on me. So where to I leave the coin-change that I get back?

Phone and wallet still is the best solution.

Joost de Nijs

@Joost de Nijs You sound 60yrs old. Just get LemonApp to e-hold your discount cards and insurance card like the rest of us.

I've never lost a phone and never will. so combining wallet + phone is just Smart. Carry less.

Push case looks so easy to use but they should have called it Toasty! cause it pops out like a toaster!

Mr Blue

Joost. I agree. Phone and wallet is best solution. I dumped my Costanza wallet two months ago. I bought a jimmyCASE iPhone wallet casee that holds six cards when I stretch it. I'm pretty happy.

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