Pureflame lets you hang a fireplace on your wall


February 6, 2012

Pureflame's Adena wall-mounted fireplace

Pureflame's Adena wall-mounted fireplace

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At this time of year, many of us living in the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere start wishing that we had a fireplace in our home. Unfortunately, installing a fireplace and chimney in a house that doesn't already have them is quite an involved and expensive process. Here's a solution in the form of a functioning fireplace that you simply hang on the wall like a picture - it's made by a company called Pureflame.

All of Pureflame's portable fireplaces burn a plant-derived ethyl alcohol biofuel, known as Purefuels. According to the company, the fuel is "non-toxic, smokeless, odorless and environmentally friendly" - it gives off steam and carbon dioxide as it burns, reportedly in proportions similar to those given off by people as they exhale. One quart (0.95 liters) of the liquid should provide two to five hours of burn time, depending on the room conditions, model of fireplace, and size of flame.

Pureflame makes four models of wall-mounted fireplaces, which range in price from US$649 to $879. Freestanding and tabletop models are also available, the cheapest of which can be purchased for $269.

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This kinda reminds me of that old 80\'s movie Better Off Dead where they had the TV stuck in the fireplace playing a video of a fire. Though this is real flame, it\'s not much better than a video. Besides, I don\'t think I\'ve ever seen a fireplace four or five feet off the floor. Would make it pretty difficult to snuggle up with your significant other.


Anything that uses sustainable fuel gets my vote. However I\'m not sure about the levels of condensation this might create. I tried a gas heater and that produced so much condensation that the walls were soaked. Also depends on price of fuel as to whether this would ever have appeal. I am currently trialling a pellet burner and as I do the cost of the pellets is slowly rising. They could possibly price themselves out of the market as could this invention unless the cost of fuel is and can be kept very low.


Where\'s the news in this? Alcohol fireplace burners have been around for years.

The construction of most of these are extremely simple. A steel container with a lid filled with denatured alcohol (you can actually use concentrated windscreen washer fluid).

I\'m actually building an automated one myself as a hobby project. Where you can start the fire from your cellphone using a Arduino board as controler.


@Roomie - link to your finished project please! :-)


I\'d be interested in the thermal transmission of the back of the \"hanging fireplace\", so that one doesn\'t burn a hole in one\'s wall! If methanol is used as fuel, how much actual methanol is vaporized into the air in the room? Read up on methanol\'s MSDS if you are uncertain...

Harold Garey

$8.25 a QUART? Their fuel costs as much as some Whiskey... how about we just toss a trash can in the corner and burn a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka every four hours? CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Facebook User

I do have asthma and we had this fireplace in the livingroom. And I can tell you this, the carbon dioxide that it gives is like as much as a 100 people breathing out in to your room and also burning the oxygen of a 100 people! So you could imagine that my breath was taken away and my familie had to take me outside and bring me to a hopital! So the important message is that if you have asthma (asparatic diseases) then I say. FORGET THIS FIREPLACE IT IS BAD TO YOUR HEALTH.


What could be done now is a very high definition lcd in the middle, which are now available. The sides can be panel radiators with a safe design, air entering from the bottom, a powerful heating element inside and then warm air releasing upwards. Small fans can also be at the top within the unit. Small high definition speakers can also provide the sound of a fire burning. Since a software based looping video is used, this can provide a variety of fire types along with the sound of them burning at the touch of a button. Since families would like to huddle in front of a fire, just like a tv, the lcd could simply be the tv, surrounded by the radiator.

Dawar Saify

Due to reasonably high fuel costs Id love to see this type of device have the ability to heat water etc as a means of value adding fuel costs.

Not exactly new but hanging them off the wall is a great new idea.


ventless propane fireplaces that hang on a wall and throw real heat and pretty to look at for $250 bucks much better oh and been available for like forever at every home improvement center


Vent-less fireplaces are sweet, but not a really good idea.


Mounting over fireplace is really a hard and risky task, if you don't know that much about mounting tv over fireplace. Hiring a mounting service provider is a good idea but you should confirm them about that device they are installing should comfortable with high heating temperature. And thanks for the information post about fireplace wall mount

David White
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