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A Prius that looks cool?


November 4, 2010

Toyota's Prius C&A Custom Concept vehicle

Toyota's Prius C&A Custom Concept vehicle

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The pioneering Toyota Prius holds the honor of being the best-selling hybrid vehicle of all time, and as such has pretty much become the poster child for green automobiles. Its low emissions and high fuel economy put it on a lot of car shoppers’ “maybe” lists, but there’s one thing that might cause some people to pass it up – its rather uninspiring appearance. To show just what a hip, happening car a Prius can be, the pimped-out Prius C&A; Custom Concept vehicle is currently making its North American debut at the 2010 SEMA auto show in Las Vegas.

The C&A; was put together by the Conversions and Accessories group at Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan “to demonstrate the unlimited potential for sports car modification on the world’s best-selling hybrid vehicle.” There’s no doubt that some people in the Tuner crowd will like it, while others might liken it to those times when a normally-conservative TV starlet does a racy photo spread for a lads’ magazine – definitely eye-catching, but a little on the tacky side.

Here are its specs, in case you want to create your own!


  • Carbon fiber hood, roof, back door, rear spoiler, aero side skirt with vertical spoiler, rear bumper with vertical spoiler front bumper, front fender flares, rear garinsh
  • 18-inch forged wheel with aluminum-made aero ring
  • Goodyear Eagle Revspec RS-02-215/40R18 tires
  • Styled exhaust tip
  • Lighted front and rear Toyota badging
  • Door mirror CCD camera system
  • Smoked rear combination lamp
  • Translucent rear side spoiler on rear combination lamp
  • Mystic Lavender body color
    • Alcantara (simulated suede) steering wheel
    • Aluminum shift knob with Alcantara suede
    • Instrument panel gauge supplement includes “G” meter, output meter, mileage, water thermometer, and voltmeter
    • Black interior with Alcantara suede trim on ceiling, “A” and “B” pillar, door trim, rear seat, and console box
    • Driver and passenger RECARO seats with embroidered C&A; logo
    • DENSO navigation system with ECO display functions including motor, engine and total kilowatt output, steering angle (0 to +450 degrees), speed, accelerator open angle, mileage
    • TEIN lowered sport suspension (four inches in front; six inches in rear)

    Also on show at SEMA is Toyota’s Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme, a stretched and super-customized Sienna minivan. The automaker teamed up with car customizer B.A.D. Company to “create a functional family vehicle that firmly dismisses the notion that to drive a minivan is to sacrifice personal style in favor of family functionality.”

    It’s certainly... something. You can view its full specs here, but one feature in particular stands out – the seats have reversible cushions, with bright, kid-friendly upholstery on one side, and single-color leather on the other. In other words, it’s ideal both for soccer moms, or for “urban entrepreneurs.”

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    Nope! Still uuuuuuuuuugly!


    Looks more like a hog snout to me. A pretend performance look. Reminds me of the old bloated Taurus design. People will love it or hate it. Nothing in between.


    ... even the original looks better than this thing... reminds me on this flash tuning games... really worth a news here?!

    Dominic Nolze

    Regarding the phrase \"pimped out\": When did the sexual profiteering, slavery, and abuse of women become synonymous with \"good\"?


    It looks like it\'s been beaten with an ugly stick and had its aerodynamics ruined in the process.


    Doesn\'t \"pimped out\" refer more to the appearance of the pimp, not the prostitute or the occupation of the pimp? I think it\'s quite possible to say things like \"he hit the ground commando style,\" without being ethically charged, even though commandos are actual paid murderers of governments.

    Alonzo Riley

    With air intakes that big it\'d better have a couple jet engines tucked in there


    I would much prefer fine tuning of the original Prius to bring the Cd down further so that the mpg would increase. The undercarriage of the Prius, for example, is only partially covered. The back tires could have a cover. Design it to make it more useful as a transport vehicle rather than as an ego inhancer.

    Normally, performance is equated with more powerful motors but this is incompatable with the original purpose of the Prius.

    Adrian Akau

    one word... FUGLY!!


    Lame. The purpose of adding custom gear to a car is to convey the fact that it performs better than the same car straight off the assembly line. As that isn\'t the case here, it\'s just a sow\'s ear dressed up as a silk purse.

    Marcus Carr

    Lazy design. Taken the front and back ports from a lambo and CAD joined it to a prius. 3 out of ten. Resubmit.


    I think the new 2010 Toyota Prius is light years ahead of the competition when it comes to hybrid engine performance. Practical and affordable and really nice looking ( for reference) are huge benefits in this type of economy.

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