Powerdecal shines new light on car window stickers


April 18, 2011

The Powerdecal displays backlit images through the window glass of a car(All images courtesy Powerdecal)

The Powerdecal displays backlit images through the window glass of a car
(All images courtesy Powerdecal)

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Perhaps there's a law of marketing that states, "If you want to add to an existing product's gee-whiz factor, just alter that product so it lights up in the dark." Really, who wouldn't want glowing paper clips, or baby bottles, or ... automotive window decals? That's the theory behind Powerdecal, a device that mounts on the inside of your vehicle's window glass, then displays an illuminated image of your favorite sports team, university, or other group to which you wish to proclaim your unflagging devotion.

Each "decal" consists of a 4-inch circular graphic image, and a rear housing that provides backlighting via an LED light. The housing also contains light and motion detectors, so that once the power switch is flipped on, the light will only come on in the dark, and only when the vehicle is moving – once the vehicle has stopped moving for at least two minutes, the light automatically shuts off.

The device mounts on the glass via two adhesive-backed clips. It can slide in and out of them, should you wish to alternate between displaying different Powerdecals in the same location.

Power is supplied by three AA alkaline batteries, which are said to provide approximately 45 hours of run time. The designers of the product had originally considered using a solar-powered battery pack, which would have been a nice touch – as it is, it's doubtful that many people will diligently check their device's batteries, and promptly replace them as needed.

Logo images available include NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL sports teams, divisions of the armed forces and emergency services, American colleges, and the flags of several countries. The Powerdecal is available through the company website, for US$24.95.

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This seems like a great place to think about using solar to power these decals. Using disposable AA batteries is cheap and easy but I\'d probably never get around to replacing them once they burnt out once.


I just saw this on Shark Tank... They talked about a solar option. i thought that was retarded. These are designed to run at night, that means solar would need to store the energy in a battery.. You would need a rechargeable batter which typically is more harmful to the environment. The complication of adding solar cells to this and charging circuits would be a bad idea. Plus if you park the car in parking garages or in any kind of shade the batteries won\'t charge. I am sure this thing uses very little energy, and has sensors that turn it off when not moving. Also rechargeable batteries don\'t last for ever, so they would need to be replaced. Alkaline batteries are definitely the way to go.

I think it has a place in commercial adverting and branding, but for the average fan it is lame. But then again I think its silly to wear a baseball hat to the side and having pants that fall off. Still millions of people do it. Oh well they can\'t all be as awesome as me.

Michael Mantion

Are you currently sharing in the triumph of your local sports team?


I also have seen these, but using Christmas designs. Would be really interested in getting a Holiday one.

Binnie Herston
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