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Pop Up Grill heats and sears with charcoal or campfire


July 10, 2013

The Pop Up Grill serves as both charcoal grill and campfire grate

The Pop Up Grill serves as both charcoal grill and campfire grate

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Campers have been using pop-up campers for years, now they can use a pop-up grill. Helping campers make room in their already stuffed-to-the-roof-lining cars, the Pop Up Grill serves as both charcoal grill and campfire grate, providing two ways of cooking smoky meals. Leave the charcoal at home and cook right over the campfire or use it as a traditional charcoal grill.

The Pop Up Grill is a simple idea that combines two cooking functions traditionally carried out by separate pieces of equipment. With a removable bottom and mid-section, it transforms from small charcoal tailgating grille to a grate that can stand stably over the campfire, allowing you to cook directly on top. Its designer Jonas Rylander claims that it is the only model on the market designed to work directly over the fire.

The Pop Up Grill can also be hung up off the ground, with the three legs flipping up to serve as hangers. While many grillers may never need to hang their grills up off the ground, Rylander told us that the hanging feature could be useful when using the grill on a boat or just for raising it to a more comfortable cooking height. He also mentioned hanging it up to get it away from animals and children, an idea that resonates with me because I'm always worried my dog is going to eat the steak or burger right off the campfire grate.

For transport, the components nest into the included carry case, which also has room for charcoal briquettes. This makes for a package that's more compact than many charcoal grills and certainly more compact than carrying a separate charcoal grill and campfire grate.

The Pop Up Grill isn't the only collapsible grill that we've seen, but it is the only one that doubles as a campfire grate out of the box. At €35 (US$45), including VAT, it's priced competitively for what it does. I believe my Weber portable charcoal grill and campfire grate cost between $30 and $40 together. You could get the two components cheaper than that, but you could also spend more than €35 (US$45) on just a grill or grate.

The Pop Up Grill won a 2012 Red Dot Award and will be on display at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen Show next week.

Source: Pop-Up Grill

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