Polychemy releases 3D-printed iPhone and Blackberry cases


August 21, 2012

From left to right: iPhone 4/S Cell case, Maze case and Fingerprint case designs

From left to right: iPhone 4/S Cell case, Maze case and Fingerprint case designs

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As 3D printing technology matures and becomes more affordable, it is being implemented in the production of an increasing variety of projects, such as firearms and burritos. Singapore-based 3D printing and design company Polychemy continues this trend with the release of a striking new series of cases suitable for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and Blackberry.

Each of Polychemy's creation (which extend beyond smartphone cases) is designed by a team of artists, before being manufactured off-site in the Netherlands. The particular benefits of 3D printing allows complex shapes to be constructed, and this freedom to experiment is reflected in the various case designs which Polychemy offers, including a pattern based on a human fingerprint, a complex series of swirls, and an intricate maze design.

Every cell-phone case is made from Polyamide plastic and affords access to all the relevant ports and slots, cameras and flash. The cases are available in white, black, red, or purple, and Polychemy offers customers the option of personalizing the design with a name, which is integrated into the design itself. Cases are constructed individually to order, rather than mass-produced.

Both the iPhone 4/S and Blackberry cases retail for US$40.00.

Ed's note (January 2015): Polychemy has informed us that the phone cases have been discontinued. The company now sells 3D printed jewelry.

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Well, what's the point of this technology unless it is completely "mass customized"? Thus, I would consider getting a case based on MY fingerprint, not some stranger out there!

Bob Fately

Sounds like a cool idea Bob Fately, but I would never do that. That finger print is the key to your life. taxes, medical records, police records, ect. There is NO WAY I would allow my identity to be stolen that easily. Anyone passing with a camera could copy it without even stopping walking.


Good post. I like the case. Is it going to be available for the new BB sets coming out the next year?

Maya Lancy
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