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Polaroid to debut interchangeable-lens Android camera at CES 2013


December 22, 2012

The IM1836 is set to feature interchangeable lenses (Photo: Dealerscope)

The IM1836 is set to feature interchangeable lenses (Photo: Dealerscope)

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Polaroid CEO Scott Hardy has confirmed to Imaging Resource that the company will unveil a new Android-powered camera at CES 2013. Though there are currently few confirmed specs for the device, we do know that it will be mirrorless and will feature interchangeable lenses.

Other than confirming the existence of the camera, which is currently called the IM1836, Hardy's statement was a little thin on the details, stating simply that, “additional information and specs will be released during the show.” However, we do have some idea of what the device is likely to be capable of thanks to a leaked spec listing on Dealerscope (which has now been removed).

The listing claimed that the camera will boast 18.1 megapixel resolution, 3.5 inch touchscreen display, pop-up flash, built in Wi-Fi and both headphone and HDMI outputs. It's also said to be capable of HD video recording, panoramic picture taking and will be powered by version 4.0 of Google's Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich). A matching spec sheet and image has also popped up on a Russian social media network. The device will reportedly be manufactured for Polaroid by Sakar.

The IM1836 would appear to bear some strong similarities to the SC1630, announced by Polaroid back in January. The device, which despite a 2012 release window, is yet to go on sale, was also powered by Google's Android OS and featured a touchscreen. The concept is also fairly similar to the Samsung Galaxy Camera, which is also based on Android, but doesn't offer interchangeable lenses.

Polaroid made some waves earlier this year when it released the Z2300, a device that uses premium ZINK photo paper to produce instant print outs of your snaps. We were slightly underwhelmed by the Z2300 in our review, but it's nice to see Polaroid releasing some genuinely innovative products. Hopefully the IM1836 will follow suit in this respect.

Sources: Imaging Resource, Dealerscope via Photo Rumours

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