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Polar’s Stride Sensor tracks speed and distance without GPS


May 31, 2013

Polar's new Stride Sensor tracks all kinds of running stats without GPS

Polar's new Stride Sensor tracks all kinds of running stats without GPS

Polar, the company responsible for all kinds of connected fitness products, has just launched a new device called the Stride Sensor. It's designed to allow runners to keep track of all kinds of key information about their workout, and it does so without requiring any GPS signal.

The device clips to the user's shoe, and is able to read key information such as stride length, cadence, speed and distance traveled.

The key differentiator between this and most similar products on the market is the fact that that it can work indoors, in dense urban areas, and anywhere else that a GPS signal is difficult to maintain. Because it doesn't rely on GPS, it can also be used on a treadmill, where the user isn't actually going anywhere.

Stride Sensor uses Bluetooth Smart to connect to devices such as laptops or smartphones. From this connection, the user is able to see their stats, so they will know exactly how they are performing at a glance. Data collected can be shared wirelessly through mobile training apps on any Bluetooth Smart-ready device.

As one might expect, the Stride Sensor supports its own Polar Beat iOS application. This app lets users get real-time running data, which is useful for finding out if they need to pick up the pace. It also includes a feature called Running Index that provides a detailed look at performance figures. One really cool feature this provides is the ability to view projected finish times for long races.

Polar's new running aid also supports Polar's personal training website, which allows users to create training programs and interact with other users.

The Stride Sensor is available now for US$79.95 from authorized Polar USA retail and specialty shops, and online at the company's official website.

Source: Stride Sensor

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Is there a stand alone app that does this? I just want to know how fast I'm walking in a rl ( not treadmill) environment without using a gps! And without paying 70 bucks. Ty.

Sharon Gayle
5th August, 2014 @ 05:44 pm PDT
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