Rum Runner takes the stand-up paddle board to pieces


February 26, 2014

The Rum Runner prototype hits the water

The Rum Runner prototype hits the water

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There are at least two things that you can say about stand-up paddleboards, or SUPs: they're popular, and they're big. This means that while a lot of people may want one, they might not have room to store or transport it. That's why Sweden's Point 65 is introducing its Rum Runner modular SUP, that can be taken apart in seconds when not in use.

In its standard form, the three-piece Rum Runner measures 11.5 feet long (3.5 m) and has a carrying capacity of 120 kg (265 lb). If you need a longer or more buoyant SUP, however, you can swap in a longer middle section that adds another foot (0.3 m) in length, and boosts its capacity up to 135 kg (300 lb).

The polyethylene-bodied watercraft features grippy foam padding on its deck, along with features like a dry storage compartment, cup holders, and a retractable skeg (a fixed-position rudder). It also has a boat-like displacement hull, making it less playful on the waves, but faster and better-tracking when touring – which is what it's designed for.

The Rum Runner should be available as of this spring (Northern Hemisphere), at a price that has yet to be announced. If it floats your boat, so to speak, you might also be interested in Point 65's modular Tequila! kayak, or in the Origami Paddler folding SUP.

You can see the Rum Runner being put together and used in the video below.

Source: Point 65

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That's brilliant!!!! it's not. What about inflatable boards like my NRS Baron and my girlfriend's Naish Nalu Air? They are both way more portable than this thing.


It take up just as many cubes taken apart as it does whole.

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