Pogoplug adds Xbox 360/ PS3 media streaming and offsite backup features


March 17, 2010

The Pogoplug now offers media streaming to Xbox 360 and PS3 games consoles as well as offsite backup

The Pogoplug now offers media streaming to Xbox 360 and PS3 games consoles as well as offsite backup

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Pogoplug, the multimedia sharing device we first saw at CES 2009, has added to its list of features. Now, as well as allowing users to access their media on any PC via the web, users can also stream content to Xbox 360 and PS3 game consoles from any local or remotely located Pogoplug. Additionally, the Pogoplug is now capable of offsite backup thanks to the enhanced Active Copy feature that automatically copies files to a Pogoplug in another location.

PC users access their content via a web-browser or via a specialized application that allows Pogoplug connected drives to appear as local drives in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. But the Pogoplug’s game console support apparently allows Xbox 360 or PS3 consoles to automatically see the drives and the contents of other shared Pogoplugs – thereby lettings gamers watch movies, share slideshows or listen to music stored on an external hard drive.

"By adding media streaming capabilities to the Xbox 360 and PS3 through your Pogoplug, we are making it easier than ever to access your media on your television," said Daniel Putterman, Cloud Engines CEO. "The new version of Active Copy is revolutionary. Now anyone can easily keep a safe copy of their files in another location."

Active Copy enables users to backup folders on their computer to a Pogoplug connected drive. Whenever new files are added, or changes are made to an existing file within the Active Copy enabled folder, these files are automatically copied to a chosen destination folder. Now users can also use Active Copy to automatically backup key files from one Pogoplug to another off-site Pogoplug, for additional safety and redundancy.

The company says both the media streaming to gaming consoles and offsite backup features are a response to user requests with both features available to existing users via an automatic firmware update.

The Pogoplug sells for US$129 with no monthly fees – aside from the risk of blowing out your monthly download quota if you’re on a restrictive Internet plan.

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