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Space zombies beware – hobbyist builds a real-life Plasma Cutter


May 2, 2013

Laser weapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe has built a working replica of the Plasma Cutter from the Dead Space video games

Laser weapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe has built a working replica of the Plasma Cutter from the Dead Space video games

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Well, our cyberpunk-weapons-making friend Patrick Priebe has been at it again. Having previously built things like a gauss rifle, a rotary-blade-shooting crossbow and an Iron Man laser gauntlet, he recently let us know about his latest creation – the video game-based Plasma Cutter.

First of all, no – the device doesn’t actually induce a plasma channel. It’s called the Plasma Cutter because it’s a replica of the tool/weapon of the same name used in the Dead Space games.

It does, however, emit five laser beams. It uses three 30-milliwatt green lasers for aiming, and two blue 1,500-milliwatt lasers for burning. While it might not do much to stop a marauding band of Necromorphs (the space zombies in the games), it does a fair job on wood or plastic, as can be seen in the video at the bottom of the page.

Priebe tells us that the Plasma Cutter is powered by one 18650 and three 14500 lithium-ion batteries. It weighs about 2 kilograms (4.4 lb), and took about 200 hours to build. As with most of his other creations, he’s not about to tell anyone how to build their own, but he will sell you one for the right price.

You can contact him via his website.

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This is all mildly amusing except for the very real possibility that some pinhead will actually try this or some similarly dangerous AND stupid attempt that will cause harm. Also, just as with most drunk driver encounters the most likely victim will not be the pinhead behind the wheel or trigger. The one reliable element will be that they will be so totally stoner surprised that something went awry, could not possibly be their fault, probably just fate & not terminal stupid.


watch out for your eyes.


The fit and finish of it needs a huge quality improvement. Lots of crooked and poor fitting parts and those side panels would look better if they were 2x as thick.

Gregg Eshelman

Alternatively, try a different recipe: 1 part Miller plasma cutter (96V, 60A DC) for actual plasma generation 1 part magnetic confinement rings to focus the beam away from the user 1 part thermally excited ionizing radiation source (beta emitter) to direct the beam. 10kg of NiMh battery RC batteries , and a garden variety 12/96V DC/DC rated accordingly to provide the power

Spicy meatball. Either the user, or the cat that it is directed at, or both. Make a Youtube video of it regardless :)

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