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PhoneSoap sanitizes your phone while charging it


January 22, 2014

The PhoneSoap charger sanitizes your phone while charging it

The PhoneSoap charger sanitizes your phone while charging it

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It's no secret that mobile phones are breeding grounds for bacteria. They're touched regularly, spoken into and passed around, as well as being constantly switched on and, therefore, constantly warm. Indeed, a report by the UK's Which magazine suggested that mobile phones can carry up to eighteen times more bacteria than a men's toilet flush. The newly-launched PhoneSoap Charger uses UV light to sanitize your phone while it's charging.

In a bid to conquer the filth, cousins Wesley LaPorte and Dan Barnes turned to Kickstarter and raised over three times their targeted US$18,000 to develop and roll-out, "a small box that simultaneously charges and sanitizes your cell phone."

The PhoneSoap Charger plugs into a socket and has an internal USB port to which users can connect a charging cable and their phone, which is then closed inside the box. The charging box contains two UV-C lights that, according to the company, kill 99.99 percent of bacteria and germs in less than five minutes.

The charger features an indicator light to let users know when charging is complete and has acoustic outlets to ensure that alarms and notifications can be heard. Devices up to 6 x 3.74 x 0.78 in (153 x 95 x X 20 mm) can fit inside the box and overall measurements come in at 7.6 x 5 x 1.76 in (195 x 127 x 44.8 mm).

If antibacterial wipes don't cut it for you, the PhoneSoap Charger is available now, retailing at US$49.95.

You can find out more about the PhoneSoap Charger in the below video.

Source: PhoneSoap

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Really? Slightly ocd if you need one of these.. Or money than sense

Paul Alibone

Waste of money. Antibiotic wipes do work for me---far cheaper, more convenient, and germs wiped away in seconds.

Marco Corona

Won't daily close-proximity high-intensity UV exposure degrade the smart phone materials?

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