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Philips’ next generation Aurea LCDs


September 30, 2008

Philips 42" Aurea LCD TV

Philips 42" Aurea LCD TV

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October 1, 2008 Philips is rolling-out its 2008 Aurea LCD TV range with new 37” and 42” models boasting an improved in refresh rate of 2ms (compared with 3ms for previous models), a contrast ratio 30000:1, plus the latest versions of the company's Perfect Pixel HD Engine and Active Frame technology.

Key features include 2,250 trillion colors processing 17bit RGB (previously 4 trillion colors), an integrated digital TV tuner (DVB-T/C MPEG-4), an extra HDMI input (now 4), an invisible six speaker sound system that blends into the TV’s rim, a significant reduction in standby power consumption from 0.8W to 0.15W and an improvement in the quality of high speed on-screen movement viewing via "Perfect Natural Motion" technology which removes judder from SD and HD pictures.

Designed to broaden the viewing experience by emulating the on-screen colors around the border of the TV, the improved 2008 Active Frame features a new brilliant pearl color and is made from high quality glass with anti-reflective coatings. Various levels of the Ambilight effect can be selected to suit your viewing mood.

The Aurea II range also includes a DLNA PC network link which allows browsing of content from a PC or a home network and the 42” model can now be paired with the new, white Ambisound Soundbar for immersive 5.1 sound performance.

2008 Aurea in brief:

  • Panel resolution of 1920 X 1080p
  • Philips Perfect Pixel HD Engine
  • 100Hz Clear LCD with 2ms performance (previously 3ms refresh rate)
  • 2,250 trillion colors processing 17bit RGB (previously 4 trillion colors)
  • Contrast ratio 30000:1 (upgraded from 8000:1)
  • Perfect Natural Motion (replacing HD Natural motion)
  • improved Ambilight Spectra technology
  • Integrated digital TV tuner (DVB-T/C MPEG-4)
  • DLNA PC network link allows browsing of content from a PC or a home network
  • 4HDMI inputs (replacing 3 HDMI inputs)
  • Reduction in standby power consumption from 0.8W to 0.15W
  • Multimedia connectivity includes Ethernet-UTP5 and USB
  • Accessories include a table top swivel stand

For more information visit Philips.

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