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Philips GoGear portable media player adds spark to range


May 17, 2009

Philips GoGear Spark media player

Philips GoGear Spark media player

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May 17, 2009 Philips has launched a portable media player (PMP) that glows while your songs are playing. Powered by Philips' patented FullSound technology, the GoGear Spark also features voice recording and PC download capability via USB 2.0.

The GoGear Spark features a 1.46-inch diagonal OLED screen (128 X 128 resolution), has a back-lit display for up to five lines of text, 35dB of sound separation and a frequency response of 80-18000 Hz. It also has a power output of 2 X 3mW, signal to noise ratio greather than 80dB and equalizer settings for Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Techno, Classical.

The GoGear Spark handles MP3, WAV, WMA audio formats, ID3 Tag with song title, artist and album. There is a built in mono microphone, WAV audio voice recording via ADPCM. It also displays digital images and slideshows. Its 4GB built-in memory can store up to 900 tracks (NAND Flash type). The GoGear Spark can play for up to 27 hours on a single battery charge and is recharged via USB.

Accessories for the PMP include CD-ROM with IFU, headphones, neck strap, USB cable and Device Manager software. System requirements are Windows 2000 XP or Vista. The GoGear Spark retails for £49.99 ($75.76US)and is available from Phillips online at Phillips UK.

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