Straighten up and fly right – Philips' ErgoSensor monitor corrects your posture


April 10, 2012

Philips' new ErgoSensor display monitors its user's posture, and advises them if they should change it

Philips' new ErgoSensor display monitors its user's posture, and advises them if they should change it

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Anyone who regularly uses a computer for long periods of time can likely attest to the importance of proper computer-use posture. Sitting in the wrong position, or having your keyboard or screen improperly located, can result in strain to the eyes, hands, wrists, neck or back. While we may try to establish a good pose when first sitting down at our machine, it’s all too easy to get wrapped up in what we’re doing, and gradually slip into our old ergonomically-unfriendly hunches or slouches. That’s where Philips’ new ErgoSensor display steps in – it actually monitors the user, and lets them know when they need to correct their posture.

The ErgoSensor itself is located at the top of the 24-inch 1080p LCD screen – right where you’d expect to find a built-in webcam. That sensor is able to detect the user’s neck angle, and the distance from which they’re viewing the screen. If the angle is inappropriate or if they’re sitting too close, the display will let them know, and it will offer corrective advice.

Because the sensor detects the user’s movements, it can also tell how long they’ve been sitting at the computer. If it determines that they’ve been at it for too long, it will suggest they take a break. On the other hand, if it determines that they have left the computer unattended for an excessive amount of time, it will power itself down to save electricity. When users really are done their computing for the day, they can eliminate any “vampire power” draw, by turning the monitor off completely via its 0-watt hard switch.

The display additionally features a SmartErgoBase, which allows for easy adjustments of its rotational angle, tilt and height – it can be lowered to the point that its bottom edge is almost at desk level.

Pricing and availability for the ErgoSensor display have yet to be announced.

Source: Philips via SlashGear

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