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Peugeot shows SXC Crossover Concept in Shanghai


April 28, 2011

Peugeot SXC Concept Car

Peugeot SXC Concept Car

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Peugeot has dropped the HYbrid4 technology found in its 2010 SR1 Concept into a very different beast for the Shanghai Motor Show. The SXC (which stands for Shanghai Cross Concept) has a 1.6 liter, 160 kW internal combustion engine driving the front wheels and a 70 kW electric motor driving the rear, providing the option of electric-only two wheel drive or a four wheel drive hybrid mode.

Designwise, the SXC is marked by a two-part panoramic roof, reverse-hinged doors, slender headlamps and a "floating" grille, along with distinctive 22-inch wheels and boomerang shaped tail-lights.

It's not the most outlandish of concept cars and although there's no official production plans from Peugeot, it's not hard to imagine a design like this being let loose on the streets ... most likely the streets of the country where it's now being shown. The car was designed by Peugeot's international style teams based at the China Tech Center in Shanghai and Peugeot notes in its release that the Crossover is "becoming increasingly popular in the Chinese market."


Why not in the USA? Mexico??

Tom Sobieski

because it is a PUG Tom, Americans don\'t want cars that are actually good (yet) look at the sweet GM Opels that you can\'t buy in the states, Mexico, pah, who cares, an aside, there are Seat and Skoda models that I would love to buy have BUT VAG won\'t sell them in the states

Bill Bennett
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