Peugeot EX1 concept electric vehicle to set mouths drooling


September 21, 2010

Peugeot EX1 concept at Aeroport Lleida Alguaire

Peugeot EX1 concept at Aeroport Lleida Alguaire

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With preparations nearing completion for the commercial launch of the Peugeot iOn, which, like the Citroen C-Zero, is basically a French version of the Mitsubishi i MiEV electric vehicle, Peugeot has provided a glimpse of just how sexy an electric vehicle can be. Celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, the company has unveiled its latest concept car called the EX1 that is based upon the body of the SR1 concept car unveiled earlier this year. Although it’s still a concept car, Peugeot says the striking two-seater roadster has already broken several world records for acceleration from a standing start.

The EX1 uses two electric motors, one on each axle, each with a peak output of 125 kW (250 kW/340 bhp in total), and an immediately available constant maximum torque of 240 Nm at the front and rear. Aside from optimizing weight distribution, this setup also allows for four wheel drive. The front suspension consists of a drop link double wishbone arrangement, while the rear suspension comprises of a single “swinging arm” linked to a centrally mounted shock absorber which is connected via a rocker arm to provide a variable damping rate.

The vehicle incorporates the “floating” front grille and flowing contours first seen on the SR1 and aluminum components adorning the door surrounds are a reference to the RCZ and BB1. Peugeot says the design of the EX1 is based on the shape of a water droplet with a rear section built around two closely set rear wheels. To optimize weight and rigidity, the monocoque body structure is manufactured from a carbon/honeycomb composite and incorporates all of the mounting points for the car’s mechanical components. Dimensions of just 0.9m (2.95ft) high and 1.77m (5.8ft) wide contribute to the car’s overall efficiency, low center of gravity and improved aerodynamics.

The driver and passenger enter the passenger compartment through a reverse-opening door that gives access to the two sports bucket seats. The on-board instrumentation includes instrument panel screens for each occupant set amongst “pure” metals and embossed leather. As well as the harnesses inside the car, the occupants are protected by a roll-over protection bar included in the carbon passenger cell. Additionally, Peugeot says the wind deflector allows the car to be driven on a daily basis without a helmet.

The car’s lightness, weight distribution and aerodynamics, torque and power of its two electric motors and its high-output lithium-ion battery all combine to give the EX1 lightning acceleration which the company says can exceed 1G of gravitational force.

Peugeot says the car has already broken several world records for acceleration from a standing start that have been approved by the International Automobile Federation, but doesn’t specify exactly what these are. Only saying they were established by Nicholas Vanier, the famous French explorer and film-maker (“The Last Trapper”, “Wolf”) who drove the EX1 concept car.

Between now and the end of the year Peugeot will be taking the EX1 to China to pursue other world records. The car will also be making its debut at the 2010 Paris Motor Show where we’ll be elbowing our way through the expected salivating throng looking to get a closer look to the vehicle. For now we’ll have to make do with the images provided by Peugeot. Click through to the gallery to check them out – but be careful not to drool on your keyboard.

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unaccustomed as I am to sit drooling over the computer keyboard, this Peugeot certainly stirs the imagination,, excellent concept !


I don\'t drool over anything French. What is this car have to do with the false purpose, politicians and the media want to beat into us, that electric cars save the environment? A false statement, when the opposite is never proved. This is exactly the same stupidity, as describing enthusiastically a new nuclear bomb, saving peace and eliminating war.

Gyula Bognar

Looks lovely but... if it\'s electric, why does it need that enormous air scoop in the nose? Seems like it would hurt the Cd a bit when there\'s no engine to cool. Of course, if this had some sort of motorcycle derived high-revving powerplant like the Ariel Atom or whatever it\'s called, then we\'re talking \'track day\'!


Seems like people don\'t like french stuff :-)

Vive la France ?

Stephane Eybert

ugly and not aerodynamic!! Certainly not something to drool over. While I like the E drive, it\'s really a toy.

Give me a 64 Corvette split window or 64 Ferrari Daytona coupe shape with a all composite unibody/chassis with the same EV drive and you\'d have something.


Stunning, also, the narrow tail end seems quite unconventional (early honda insight aside)

as for the air scoop, I\'m thinking that high power, compact electric motors (and batteries) get hot and need cooling too.


Electric cars, fuel cell cars, hydrogen gas powered cars are the alternative to petrol and diesel and so-called bio-fuels. They can then be powered by the wind, the tides and the sun. Right now the world is powered by unsustainable fuels in the hands of a few. By using sustainable resources, devolved to the people, we can take the power away from the warmongers. And have sexy cars!

Paul Fletcher CEO

Like most French vehicles they make fancy shapes first then think about stuffing in the power source and the rest that matters. When the front tires clean the road surface of water, why would you want the rear pair, on a new strip of wet road, to do all the work again? Like to see how well the rear end grips compared with a conventional, non wedge shape vehicle on a wet road.


This car alone makes me want to devote my life to getting rich so I can get my hands on one. To say this isn\'t stunning is one thing, but to call it ugly is just a failure of imagination.

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