Buddy smart dog collar to give Fido a healthy glow

Technology has enabled a new breed of dog collar that does more than just provide a handy place to attach a leash. The latest to catch our eye is Buddy from pet-tech company Squeaker, which includes some of the features found in similar devices like Whistle, Tagg and Geodog, but packs in a few more designed to help keep your pooch safe and healthy.Read More

Pura smart water fountain monitors your cat's drinking habits

Cats are finicky at the best of times, but when it comes to drinking enough water they really don't seem to know what's best for them. Chances are you don't either. But a Taiwanese startup called Noacare believes it can sort both parties out with a smart water fountain. This new fountain, Pura, syncs with a tag on your cat's collar and an app on your smartphone to keep you up to speed on your feline friend's water intake so that you can prevent health problems before they occur.Read More

Petzi Pet Cam enables video links – and treats – with pets left at home

Pet parents have a range of devices these days to keep their furry children fed and entertained consistently in their absence. Now a new addition to the remote pet care market adds images and sounds to the fun. The Petzi Treat Cam taps the power of internet-enabled devices not only to dispense food remotely, but also see, speak to and take pictures of their four-legged children when away from home.Read More

iFetch Too takes aim at big dogs

In response to the success of the iFetch device that allows small and medium-sized dogs to enjoy a game of fetch by themselves, the iFetch team has upsized things for the imaginatively named iFetch Too, which lets bigger dogs get in on the fun.

Read More

Connected Collar tracks and trains Fido

For many of us, dogs are part of our families and we want to keep them safe and healthy as we would any other family member. That's the aim of Dogtelligent's new Connected Collar. The collar is designed to help individuals train and track their dog, as well as manage its activity and health.Read More

Fulfill your feline architecture fantasies with Poopy Cat's Blocks

Ah, cats. No matter how much cash you drop on a new playhouse for your moggie, it will invariably mock your generosity by sleeping in a cardboard box instead. With this in mind, Blocks is a cardboard flatpack kit that assembles into modular cat playhouses, thus letting you lovingly craft a unique piece of feline architecture that your cat will still probably ignore. Read More


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