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Halo Pet Safety System

Designed in response to a tragic story of two much-loved dogs that died in a car due to heat stroke, the Halo Pet Safety System from Sisters of Invention uses sensor technology and an alarm to keep animals safe.  Read More

Best Friends Again dog cloning

If the thought of parting with your four-legged friend is too much to bear then perhaps BioArts International could save you some heartache with its “Best Friends Again” dog cloning program. The US-based biotech company says it will offer five dog cloning service slots to the general public via a worldwide, online auction on 18 June.  Read More

DogPause dog bowl

May 15, 2008 Anyone with a dog knows that when you put food in front of them, it disappears pretty quickly. The DogPause dog bowl is being marketed as a “healthy way to feed your dog” as it slows them down to make sure they digest their food properly.  Read More

PupSTEP pet stairs

If your pampered pooch or elderly cat struggles to get on the couch, the bed, or into the car, pet stairs could be the solution. This example from Solvit - the PupSTEP Stairs - features a lightweight, portable design made from durable plastic in neutral colors that won't clash heavily with your home décor.  Read More

Fit Fur Life dog treadmill

No matter how big a backyard you have, the reality is that your dogs will not walk itself. Dogs need to be encouraged and stimulated to pound the pavement. Inspired by a human fitness regimes, dogs can now work the treadmill in order to stay fit, thanks to Fit Fur Life Treadmills.  Read More

Dog-powered recumbent trike

February 12, 2008 First came the dog-powered scooter, now inventor Mark Schuette has developed a dog-powered recumbent trike that employs the same "dog behind a steering wheel" configuration with the added stability offered by a sit-down trike design and twice the steering power and braking power of the scooter.  Read More

Relationship matching for dog and cat adopters

January 20, 2008 Formalized personality testing is a relatively new method of determining abilities and suitability for a wide range of pursuits, careers and personal and teams relationships – the first such test was administered in 1919 and development over the last half century has been rapid with numerous such tests now available online. So it makes sense that sooner or later, these techniques would be applied to owners and their pets. Now the resourceful and innovative ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ) has come up with a better way of finding a dog or cat that will best meet your needs and lifestyle as part of its adoption and selection process - the Canine-ality and Feline-ality Adoption Program is a simple but comprehensive assessment that helps to properly meet the expectations of new pet owners with the behavioural characteristics of available shelter dogs and cats to create the perfect fit between adopter and dog.  Read More

Zoombak Assisted GPS Locators hit the market

December 23, 2007 Anyone who has used a GPS system in a foreign country will know how much this relatively low-cost device can make to one’s state-of-mind. Now a new Assisted GPS (A-GPS) device has hit the market which could make a huge difference in other ways. Zoombak’s advanced A-GPS system uses both GPS and mobile phone networks to track your pets, cars and other assets. You can locate your belongings in real time, set ‘safety zones’ around any location and be alerted of their whereabouts by email, SMS/text message or track them via the web. So now you can know where your cat, dog, child car are, for USD$10 a month.  Read More

Doggy Java caffeine free, beef flavored “coffee” for dogs

November 16, 2007 Next time you go out for gourmet coffee with your pampered pooch, fido won’t need to sit miserably under the table lapping at a tasteless bowl of water. Doggy Java is caffeine free, beef flavored “coffee” for dogs served in a Canine Cappuccino Cup with a Bonescotti Biscuit.  Read More

Makes traditional pet tags obsolete

October 19, 2007 Pet owners would appreciate the trauma associated with losing a four-legged member of your family. Standard ID tags can be unreliable and often contain outdated contact information, so petFINDER has developed a new ID system linked to a message service aimed at helping reunite U.S. pet owners with their lost animals much sooner.  Read More

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