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Pet's Eye View Camera - see what your furry companions get up to during the day


July 12, 2009

Pet's Eye View Camera keeps a record of all the mischief your pet gets up to when you're n...

Pet's Eye View Camera keeps a record of all the mischief your pet gets up to when you're not home

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Some people are so fond of their pets they want to know what they are up to every minute of the day. Maybe it’s because of those guilty looks you get when you arrive home unexpectedly… you know that wide-eyed, “I wasn’t doing anything wrong” look? The Pet’s Eye View Camera could help solve these little mysteries - it's a lightweight digital camera that attaches to your cat or dog’s collar and takes 640 x 480 photos at five, ten or 15 minute intervals.

The camera takes up to 40 images and will go into sleep mode when not in use. It includes a lithium ion rechargeable battery and recharge is via the USB connection.

When you get home, you connect your camera to your computer and check out what that little devil has been up to all day. Sure, it will be disappointing if you discover they spend the whole day lolling around on their day bed, but imagine if you discover your pet’s secret other life!

While pet-view cameras are not a brand new concept - we’ve featured cameras for both dogs and cats - this one gets the nod for style and affordability.

The Pet’s Eye View Camera retails for GBP £39.95 (approx. USD $65 at time of publication) and is suitable to use by people over the age of eight.

Via I want one of those.

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I bought one of these for my dog. He pulled it off his collar (the plastic clip snapped really easily). He thought it made a great chew toy...

Tegan Bailey
15th December, 2012 @ 09:17 pm PST
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