Petcube lets you play with your pet, wherever you are


May 21, 2013

The Petcube device with creator Alex Neskin's dog, Rocky

The Petcube device with creator Alex Neskin's dog, Rocky

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You’re sitting in the office, but don’t you wish you could be playing with your dog or cat using a laser pointer instead? With the Petcube, you’ll be able to do both at once. Not unlike the iPet Companion, the Petcube lets users remotely play with their pets in real time, via the internet.

The WiFi-connected aluminum and glass 4-inch (10-cm) cube contains a wide-angle 720p video camera that provides a live feed of the user’s home, along with a low-intensity laser on a movable platform – that laser reportedly won’t harm the pet’s eyes, even if it shines right into them.

Utilizing a website-based interface or an iOS or Android app, users can move the projected spot of that laser around, watching the animal’s reactions via the camera. They can also listen to the squeals of excitement/frustration using an onboard microphone, or call the pet over to camera range using an integrated speaker.

If they want, they can also allow family members, friends, or complete strangers from the Petcube network to access their device and play with their pet when they’re not able to do so.

Petcube isn’t ready to go just yet, but its developers hope it will be ready to ship by this autumn (Northern Hemisphere). Prospective buyers can currently get on a waiting list, to be advised of prices and availability once things have progressed further.

There’s more information in the video below.

Source: Petcube via Popular Science

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