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Personal Submarine takes you and a friend undersea exploring


July 22, 2010

The Personal Submarine provides great underwater adventuring for two

The Personal Submarine provides great underwater adventuring for two

If an octopus’s garden in the shade is where you like to be then this two-person submarine could be just the ticket. Capable of descending to a depth of 1,000 feet the Personal Submarine gives you and a friend a chance to check out coral reefs, shipwrecks and whatever other attractions can be found on the sea floor. Although, with its rather steep asking price you’ll either really want to be beneath the sea, or have a really large chuck of spare change laying around.

The craft is propelled by two 3-hp main thrusters that provide fore, aft and directional control, and two 3-hp vertical/translational thrusters that provide up, down and lateral control. These thrusters can propel the submarine to a maximum speed of three knots and are powered by a 120- and 24-volt battery bank that provide up to six hours of continuous underwater sightseeing.

A centrally located joystick with independent main and vertical/translational thruster controls enables precise positioning near undersea attractions by either passenger, while the craft's dual-pontoon structure and broad freeboard ensure surface stability, even in high sea conditions.

Unlike the CQ-2 twin seater personal submarine, this craft seats two passengers under a single completely transparent, climate controlled 3 ¼-inch thick acrylic pressure sphere. Exterior subjects are illuminated by the submarine’s four external 150-watt quart-halogen lamps, while a xenon strobe light and RF beacon alerts others of the craft’s whereabouts. A VHF radio provides surfaced communication and its underwater telephone apparently communicates while submerged.

The Personal Submarine comes equipped with other standard submarine features, including a barometer, thermometer, hygrometer, depth gauges, fluxgate and magnetic compasses, mechanical clinometers, pressure gauges, and a GPS receiver. It weighs 6,600 lbs. and measures 10.5 x 8.5 x 6.25 feet (L x W x H).

The craft is also fully classified and certified as a +A1 passenger-carrying manned submersible by the American Bureau of Shipping and includes comprehensive training.

And that price? A paltry US$2,000,000. Place your order now at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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