Flat-packed herb planter waters itself (sort of)


May 23, 2013

Patch is a new self-watering herb planter seeking funding on Kickstarter

Patch is a new self-watering herb planter seeking funding on Kickstarter

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Patch Planter isn't the first self-watering herb planter to cross our radar: that would be the AeroGarden. But where that product was an all-singing, all-dancing "kitchen garden appliance," Patch is a much more down to earth and affordable piece of design, and one that doesn't require a power supply.

Unlike AeroGaden, Patch embraces good old soil (or better yet, Potting Mix) as its growing medium. The planter uses a method of irrigation called subirrigation, which involves keeping a reservoir of water below the soil, from where water is absorbed upwards.

The planter is simply an open-topped Tyvek cuboid with a perforated shelf separating the growth medium from the water below. In the corner is a cylinder through which the reservoir is topped up, apparently as little as once a week in the early stages of growth, though every 2 or 3 days once they grow large. Whether this meets your expectation of "self-watering" will depend on your outlook. However, Let's Patch (apparently the makers of the planter, but also sometimes the name for the planter itself) claims this renders over- or under-watering impossible, saves water and maximizes yield overall.

Each Patch measures 12 x 6 x 6 in (30 x 15 x 15 cm), holding 4 liters of soil and 2 liters of water (0.9 and 0.4 gallons respectively). But Patch is really more of a bag than a box, folding down to only an inch thickness for postage.

Where this differs from AeroGarden is the lack of built-in lighting, which should be unnecessary for anyone with a bright patch in his or her home. Obviously this much simpler design makes the Patch the more affordable option. At the time of writing a second-tier Patch can be secured for a US$33 sum, rising to $38 when that tier is exhausted (or if you're in generous spirits).

The Kickstarter campaign video below gives a few more glimpses of the Patch, and should serve to mightily confuse you regarding the product and company branding (it did me, anyway).

Sources: Let's Patch, Kickstarter via Inhabitat

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Neat cube shape, but 'self-watering' pots - with an under-dirt reservoir - have been around for years! Have a couple outside, both large urn-sized terracotta look. Good for tomatoes and a herb garden. I also have one on a windowsill inside at present, approx., shoe-box sized. Holds 2 flowering plants, needs water only twice a week or so. It cost almost nothing at my local '$2' outlet.

The Skud

I don't get it, instead of watering the plant once a week you get to fill the reservoir every three days?

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