PAS House - a fully 'skateable' house being built in California


July 29, 2011

The PAS House is a dwelling meant as a tribute to the skateboarding lifestyle, featuring 'skateable' walls and furniture.

The PAS House is a dwelling meant as a tribute to the skateboarding lifestyle, featuring 'skateable' walls and furniture.

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For some people, skateboarding is more a way of life than just a sport. Surely this is the case with former skateboarding world champion, French-born Pierre André Senizergues, who is about to build a skateboarder's dream house, located in Malibu, California. Dubbed PAS House, the dwelling is meant to be a tribute to the skateboarding lifestyle, thus virtually all the walls, furniture and appliances in the house will be either 'skateable' or skateboard-themed. Think of it like a private habitable skate ramp.

The house will be comprised of a master bedroom, kitchen and lounge, with all appliances adjusted to skateboarding as much as possible. Featuring virtually no corners, the house's floors, walls and ceilings form a continuous tube with a 10 foot (3 meter) radius. In fact, almost every surface is curved and skating-friendly. When completed, the building will measure 2,200 sq ft (204 sq m). A prototype in the form of a full-scale, 753.5-square foot (70 sq m) model made of bent plywood has already been built and is being exhibited in Paris during the La Gaîté lyrique festival.

Senizergues' PAS House is being brought to life by architect François Perrin, who designed the structure. Interior decorator Gil Le Bon Delapointe is working on the skateboard-themed furnishings, which are also reportedly inspired by mid-century modern California design.

Aged 45, Pierre André Senizergues was a famous freestyle skateboarder in the 1980s, winning 12 French Championships, nine European Cup Titles, five European Championships, two World Cup titles and one World Championship. Now he's known as an entrepreneur, and owner of the footwear company Etnies.

The following video presents the prototype that is being exhibited in Paris:

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One of my pet hates is designers who create things like kitchen tables and benchtops etc with \"razor sharp\" edges and almost spear like corners...

The difference in injuries to self and things like kids heads etc., when people run into them or trip and fall onto them - between an edge or corber with a minimum radius of say 20 or 30mm and the razor sharp edges and pointy corners is astounding.

I\'d rather be bruised than torn open or split open - on the head with veins and all severed.....

A fall onto the edge of the table with roubded edges and corners is the difference between a bruise and a trip to the hospital with stitches or death - if it\'s a temple impact.

And yet the idiot who designed this house - \"FOR SKATEBOARDING IN\" has designed it with these razor sharp square edges and pointy corners - everywhere.

It\'s like what are they? \"Stupid\".

Mr Stiffy

This house was obviously designed by a single guy with no hopes of finding a wife. No women in her right mind would marry a kid that has to skate on everything in the house... Geez- go to the skate park already...

Robert Volk

hahaha..he\'s going to be rich so it doesn\'t matter whether he finds a wife or not, maybe she passed away ages ago

James Forsyth

This is the coolest home concept I\'ve ever seen- to combine your passion into your architecture is a dream come true. I would use the same curved and corner-less walls for photography as a seem-less background. This house will be a blast to visit!

Carlos Grados

This idea is as old as skateboarding but the house really lacks imagination. I\'d rather live in a house where there would be lots of bowls and different difficulty stages, if you will. This one is pretty boring.((

Renārs Grebežs

It seems that skateboarders have individual preferences and styles almost as diverse as the skating community itself. If this man is able to afford to build his dream house and it meets reasonable building code requirements, for Christ\'s sake, leave him alone. My son is a skateboarder and I\'ve learned a lot from him about the sport. To the point I successfully lobbied our city council some ten or so years ago for a skate park - he\'s now 23, I\'m 70. I too have a pet peeve, and that would be an inexorable penchant of the peevish who are always trying to put everyone else in their rubber (protected) rooms through legislative and/or bureaucratic fiat. Risk is a part of life, at least a life worth living. Some choose to jump out of perfectly good aircraft for no other reason than they love to do it successfully. Others rock and/or mountain climb for the same reasons. Me? I chose to play guitar, toy with older whisky, faster women and more money. Remember this: \"That was a slap on the ass, not a guarantee, the doctors\' gave us when we were born\".

Myron J. Poltroonian
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