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Panasonic's gargantuan 150-inch plasma display


January 7, 2008

Panasonic unveil the world's largest advanced HD 150" plasma display

Panasonic unveil the world's largest advanced HD 150" plasma display

January 8, 2008 The size of nine 50" plasma screens combined, the world’s largest advanced high definition (HD) plasma display panel has been unveiled by Panasonic at the 2008 International CES. The prototype 150-inch PDP features an 8.84 million pixel resolution (2,160 x 4,096), an effective viewing area of 11 ft (3.31 m) wide x 6 1/4 ft (1.87 m) high 103-inch PDP and boasts true-to-life color reproduction and quick response with the same brightness as the then record breaking 103-inch PDP shown at the same event a year ago.

Panasonic is expecting interest in the prototype for consumer, commercial and cinema applications, though you may need to build another room on the house before you rush out to buy one.

The 150" plasma is apart of several prototypes in the field being unveiled by the company at the CES. These include a 42-inch panel with "double efficiency technology" that halves energy consumption compared with previous Panasonic panels and a one-inch super-thin 50-inch PDP.

Panasonic aims to build on the double efficiency technology used in the 42-inch prototype for future ranges. The breakthrough is based on new phosphors and cell design technology that improves discharge and new circuit and drive technology that significantly reduces power loss. According to Panasonic, the 42-inch prototype has twice the luminance efficiency and provides the same brightness as the existing 42-inch 1080p full HD PDP, while cutting the power consumption by half.

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