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Panasonic unveils ‘tablet-like terminal’ at CES 2011


January 5, 2011

Panasonic President Shiro Kitajima displays prototype of the VIERA tablet

Panasonic President Shiro Kitajima displays prototype of the VIERA tablet

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While the portable form factor of tablet computers makes them ideal for use on the go, as many tablet users have no doubt discovered, they’re also great for doing a spot of web surfing or catching up on friends’ Facebook or Twitter posts while in front of the TV. At CES 2011 Panasonic has announced its entry into the tablet computing space with the VIERA tablet – a device it calls a “tablet-type terminal” specifically designed for just that purpose.

To be released in 4,- 7- and 10-inch screen sizes, the Android-based VIERA tablet is designed to complement Panasonic’s VIERA digital TVs and provide access to online content through VIERA Connect – an expanded version of the company’s VIERA CAST feature that offers video streaming, gaming, social networking, shopping and other applications.

It can also act as a sub-screen to view different angles of a sporting event or information related to the images on the TV. Naturally, the VIERA tablet will also function as a remote control for controlling the TV and other home theater components.

Panasonic is launching the VIERA tablet in Japan today, with other markets to follow later this year. Pricing is yet to be announced.

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