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Panasonic unveils world's most energy-efficient two-door refrigerator


August 31, 2012

Panasonic has unveiled its new A+++ rated two-door refrigerator, the NR-B55VE1

Panasonic has unveiled its new A+++ rated two-door refrigerator, the NR-B55VE1

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Appearing at IFA, Panasonic has unveiled a brand new refrigerator which the company states is the first-ever A+++rated two-door refrigerator – making it the most energy-efficient two-door fridge, worldwide. Named the NR-B55VE1, it consumes 262 kWh/year of electricity, which by our reckoning amounts to a mean power consumption of 30 W. Gizmag was on hand to take a look.

Despite its green credentials, the NR-B55VE1 still offers features which one may associate with an energy-guzzling refrigerator, such as Panasonic's patented "Vitamin-Safe" technology, which is designed to store fruit and vegetables in isolation from the rest of the fridge contents in order to keep them fresh. In addition to its own high-humidity environment, the Vitamin-Safe compartment makes use of twin flashing LEDs intended to activate the natural protective mechanisms of fruit and vegetables, and keep the natural vitamins locked in.

The NR-B55VE1 also features a door alarm, child lock, a holiday function and Panasonic's "Super Freeze" feature, which cools food placed into the freezer compartment very rapidly. In addition, the NR-B55VE1 is said to run “at a whisper” – or 38 dB, to be precise.

The black model pictured is at present a concept model only, though the NR-B55VE1 will be available in grey from November. Its price has yet to be confirmed.

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Refrigerators will start to become seriously economical when they start to use outside winter air (in appropriate climes).


Wonders if it could be used for kegerator

Micheal Donnellan

The refrigerator is extremely efficient but I am not sure how long it will take to pay off. On the German Panasonic site given below they have the price listed as 3499 euros or at today's exchange rate 4467.17 dollars.

I would love to have one of these based on the specs but my average utility bill is $122/month for gas and electric combined. They say a refrigerator is 1/6 of your average home utilities but I have a really old one so say 1/3 or $41/month. That would take 109 months (8 years 1 month) to break even on the electricity.



Provide an option for see-through doors. The savings from just the amount of time people spend searching the refrigerator during football games has to be substantial.

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