Base 4x4 expedition truck provides a rugged base camp for your greatest adventures

Expedition vehicles are often no-expense-spared behemoths combining powerful truck cabs, advanced expandable living modules and upscale interiors outfitted like luxury apartments. Portland's Base 4x4 takes a simpler approach. Conceived, designed and built by industrial designer Mark Schoening, Base 4x4's Mitsubishi Fuso-based pop-top finds a niche somewhere between pop-up off-road camper vans like the Sportsmobile Sprinter 4x4 and more elaborate expedition trucks like the EarthRoamer XV-HD. The aluminum-box off-road motorhome offers a more affordable, more customizable expedition option.Read More

Aircraft Feature

Dezso Molnar interview Part 5: Introducing the world's first flying car race series

In the final part of our five-part interview with serial inventor and flying car advocate Dezso Molnar, he introduces his newest venture: a race series. With more than 100 flying cars on the road and in the air worldwide, Molnar believes the fastest way to take this technology to the next level is to get a community of inventors and aviators together and put their vehicles to the test in a competition out on the West Coast of the United States. There'll be categories for radio controlled, electric and unlimited flying cars, so there's room for the full spectrum of innovators.Read More


WD Passport Wireless Pro goes faster for longer

For creative professionals working in the field, it can be difficult to maintain a neat workflow from camera to hard drive, not to mention all the other devices in between. WD's new My Passport Wireless Pro is designed to make it easier to back up and edit work when you're on the job, by wirelessly sharing images between Wi-Fi-compatible cameras, connected tablets and laptops, and the hard drive itself.Read More


Airobotics battery-swapping platform keeps drones flying around the clock

Autonomous drone flight is a pretty exciting prospect for all kinds of reasons, from its potential to change how we transport important items to how we transport ourselves. But the technology invariably requires human intervention in one way or another as drones can't carry on forever on their own. Or can they? An Israeli startup has developed an end-to-end autonomous system for 24/7 drone flight that uses a robotic arm to swap out flat batteries and get the aircraft back in the air.Read More


Homegrown Chinese supercomputer claims world number one ranking

A supercomputer equipped with 10,649,600 computing cores and capable of carrying out some 93 quadrillion calculations per second has just been crowned the world's most powerful supercomputer. Dubbed Sunway TaihuLight, this computing behemoth from China outperforms its nearest rival – another Chinese supercomputer – by being twice as fast and three times as efficient.Read More


Does Pluto have an ocean hiding beneath its surface?

If there's one place in our solar system you would expect to be as frozen solid as a box of forgotten ice lollies, it would be Pluto. However, PhD student Noah Hammond at Brown University says that data returned in 2015 by NASA's unmanned New Horizons deep-space probe indicates that the dwarf planet may have a subsurface ocean similar to those suspected to exist on some moons of Jupiter and may be responsible for the unusual surface features.Read More


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