Thunderous guitar pickup gets an Ego boost

Back in 2014, guitarist Andy Alt nailed a successful Kickstarter to fund the production of a box-shaped pickup that's actually home to a single coil humbucker and a two pole bottom feeder pickup to give a guitar some extra low end wallop. It was only a matter of time before A Little Thunder made its way into a signature guitar, and thanks to a partnership with Italy's Marconi Lab custom shop, that guitar comes in the shape of the eye-catching Ego Thunder.Read More

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Offer Outstanding IT Services with ITIL Foundation Training — Now 97% off

While anyone with technical knowledge can make a living in IT, top professionals use structured working practices to ensure the job is done right. Many use the ITIL framework, which aligns IT service with the needs of business. You have to take an exam to become an official practitioner, but the ITIL Foundation Training library at Gizmag Store guides you all the way. It offers over 20 hours of instruction, and you can sign up now to save 97% on the regular price.Read More


Increased CO2 levels are greening the Earth

Researchers studying NASA satellite data on the Earth's vegetation coverage have discovered that plants have significantly increased their leaf cover over the last 35 years to the point that new growth across the planet is equivalent to an area twice as large as the continental United States. According to the study, the largest contributor to this greening is the growing level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.Read More


Furbo lets you dispense dog treats from afar

For dog owners who treat their pets like children, it can be hard leaving them alone while at work. Who's going to pamper your pooch with treats while you're gone? What if - in the absence of your constant reminders - they forget who is, in fact, a good boy? Furbo is designed to allay these fears by letting you remotely talk to, and feed, your pet.Read More


New imaging technique provides "drone's eye" view of Mars

University College London (UCL) has released images of the Martian surface with five times the resolution of anything previously sent back from Mars orbit. The images come courtesy of the new Super-Resolution Restoration (SRR) imaging technique developed by a UCL research team, which takes images from spacecraft orbiting Mars and stacks and matches them to create new, more detailed images of the Beagle 2 lander, ancient Martian lake beds, and the tracks of the NASA MER-A rover.Read More

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In style: Highlights from Milan Design Week 2016

Sprawling over 204,850 m2 (2.2 million ft2) of the Rho Milan Fairgrounds in Italy, the 55th Salone Internazionale Del Mobile (aka Milan Design Week) this year showcased the latest home-furnishing designs of more than 2,400 exhibitors from Italy and around the globe. The huge range of products on display combined quality craftsmanship with technology and innovative solutions for a diverse range of spaces and lifestyles. After wandering through the maze of design houses amid the staggering 372,151 total attendees, we've put together a photo gallery of the highlights.Read More


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