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— Digital Cameras

Sony updates alpha range with NEX-C3 and A35

Sony has announced a smaller and lighter replacement for the NEX-3 interchangeable lens camera announced last year, and a new member of its innovative translucent mirror Alpha camera range. The NEX-C3 gets more megapixels, has been given a new user interface with redefined photographic terminology and battery life - a weak spot on the first NEX models - is said to be up to a fifth longer. The A35 replaces the A33 and has also been given an image quality boost, gains some new live-shot effects and offer seven frames per second burst shooting (although at the expense of some resolution). Read More
— Outdoors Feature

Scarpar's high speed, all-terrain powerboard set to launch within months

Two years ago, we had a look at the Scarpar - a twin-tracked, high speed all terrain powerboard that seemed like a promising power toy. Well, we've just spoken to Scarpar CEO Andrew Fern, who has confirmed that this unique vehicle is going into production later this year, and he's taking deposits as of now. Basically everything on the board has been changed since the last prototype we saw - it now runs an independent electric motor in each of the two articulating tracks, and the hand-held throttle and brake unit is now wireless. And as Fern describes after the jump, getting it to a production-ready point has been a herculean effort; his design team more or less had to create their own realm of engineering theory to deal with such an unprecedented set of vehicle dynamics. The following interview is a fascinating look into the development cycle of a new product. Most importantly though, the Scarpar still looks like extreme fun, and a remarkable way to launch yourself into the foliage. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Updated CineXPlayer app brings glasses-free 3D to the iPad

The update to version 2.1 of NXP Software's popular CineXPlayer movie viewing iPad app sees an improved interface that now offers a thumbnail view instead of just a text list and lets users start transferring and watching an unconverted movie straight away. One of the most interesting additions, however, is the ability to watch 3D movies - either with anaglyph (red/blue) glasses, or glasses-free with the use of GRilli3D's overlay film. Read More
— Sports

First triple backflip on BMX bike

The evolution of the human body as measured by how fast we can run or how high we can jump is glacially slow, despite vastly improved knowledge of human physiology, diet, and training techniques. By contrast, the rapid evolution of extreme sports has seen regular quantum progress as barrier after barrier falls. Indeed, in the world of stunts, things not thought possible quickly become commonplace once they are achieved. Yet another such "four minute mile" fell recently when Jed Mildon performed the first triple backflip on a BMX bike. Jed wore a ContourHD helmetcam for the stunt, so if you want to know what it's like to watch the world swirl 1080 degrees in 1080p in two seconds ... Read More
— Games

TriMount: the clutter-free solution for motion-based gaming fanatics

Serious - or simply spoilt - gamers looking to enjoy motion-based gaming on all three current-generation consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have no doubt discovered that finding room for the various motion sensing peripherals on or around the TV can be a bit of a problem. The TriMount from videogame accessory company dreamGEAR addresses this by providing a home for the Xbox 360's Kinect sensor, the PlayStation Eye, and the Wii's sensor bar. Read More
— Science

'Quantum tip' enables higher-resolution scanning microscopy

When trying to see objects that are too small for optical microscopes to image, scientists often turn to scanning probe microscopes. Instead of a lens, these instruments have a tiny suspended tip, that moves up and down as it makes contact with the object’s surface. An image, which can reveal details as small as one millionth of a millimeter, is obtained by scanning that probe back and forth across the object. Scientists from Germany’s Universitaet Tübingen have now taken scanning probe microscopy a step farther, by creating a probe made not from a solid material, but from a gas of atoms – this “quantum tip” is said to increase the resolution of images beyond what has so far been possible. Read More
— Science

Metallic material can switch back and forth between hard and soft states

We may not yet have the liquid metal depicted in the Terminator movies, but scientists have now developed something that’s vaguely along the same lines. German materials scientist Dr. Jörg Weißmüller and Chinese research scientist Hai-Jun Jin have created a metallic material that can change back and forth between being strong but brittle and soft but malleable, via electrical signals. Read More
— Digital Cameras

Pentax O-GPS1 unit tracks both Heaven and Earth

A new GPS module designed for use with the latest digital SLR cameras from Pentax could help photographers who like to capture shots of the heavens avoid annoying star trails on long exposure shots. As well as adding earth-bound location information to images, the weather-resistant O-GPS1 unit also tracks the location and movement of celestial bodies and, with the help of the shake reduction system within the camera, shifts the image sensor in sync with the movement of the stars and planets. Read More
— Health and Wellbeing

Meniscus-healing stem cell bandage approved for clinical trials

Every year, approximately 1.7 million people in the U.S. and Europe tear a meniscus – children and athletes are especially prone to such injuries. But first, just what is a meniscus? It’s one of two pieces of cartilage located inside each knee, that provide a cushion between the tibia and the femur. While smaller tears can heal on their own, larger tears often require a partial or complete removal of the meniscus. Within several years, this can result in the early onset of osteoarthritis. Recently, a new type of stem cell-seeded bandage, developed at the University of Bristol, has been approved for a clinical trial on meniscal tears. It may greatly reduce the need for menisectomies. Read More