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The 717 bhp 348 km/h NOVITEC ROSSO Ferrari 430 Scuderia

If your 510 hp Ferrari 430 Scuderia isn’t quite fast enough at its 320 km/h top speed, you can always add a bit more courtesy of a NOVITEC ROSSO Supersport Bi-Kompressor engine. The special twin-supercharger version of the Scuderia’s four-valve eight-cylinder engine bumps power output from the standard 510 bhp (375 kW) to 717 bhp (527 kW) and increases top speed from 320 to 348 km/h.  Read More

Modular pipe robot

Scientists at SINTEF are working on a robot that can navigate inaccessible industrial pipes in order to check their condition, locate leakages, and clean the ventilation systems.  Read More

The slim and sexy Portégé R500-S5007V with a 128GB SSD

In the world of laptops slim is definitely in. Toshiba’s Digital Products Division has announced the addition of a 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) to the latest incarnation of its Portégé laptop series. The 2.4 pound Portégé R500-S5007V with a 128GB SSD is billed as the world’s lightest laptop, beating the much hyped Macbook Air, which weighs in at 3 pounds and, unlike the Macbook Air, even manages to include a built-in optical drive into a unit that measures as thin as 0.77-inches. This does mean that the Macbook Air 0.76-inch high Macbook Air retains its world’s thinnest title and it does feature a slightly bigger display – 13.3-inches to the R500’s 12.1-inches.  Read More

Sunreef ONE FIFTY - the biggest luxury catamaran in the world

Catamarans offer a lot more usable interior space than a traditional superyacht of similar length and with two superyachts, the Sunreef 102 Double Deck and the Sunreef 114, already under construction, Sunreef Yachts decided to push the limits to 150 feet. Developed by Sunreef’s own in-house design team, the ONE FIFTY was created in response to a "continuing demand for the special combination of luxury and performance offered uniquely by a catamaran" and its futuristic elegance is further enhanced by using uncut teak and solar panels on the large surface area of the sweeping topside to supply power for the vessel. The main deck features a spacious covered area spread over two levels spanning the entire beam (over 17 meters) with sloping deck leading up to the giant flybridge and navigation station just aft of the 55 meter carbon-fiber mast.  Read More

Yamaha developing CVT enduro bike

Yamaha is developing a CVT (Constantly Variable Transmission) enduro machine according to recent patent applications. Conceived by Leonardo da Vinci 500 years ago, the CVT power delivery characteristics could well be a boon in slippery off-road conditions, particularly with some help from a computer. The CVT's biggest advantage is ensuring the motor is always running “in the power band” and as the infinitely variable gear ratios change, it should deliver one smooth rush of power from standstill to top speed.  Read More

Palm Jumeirah's spectacular centerpiece

Breaking property records is one thing, but when the property happens to be in Dubai, it's another ball game entirely. The AED 2.9 billion (around USD$790 million) contract for the construction of the spectacular 62 storey tall Trump International Hotel & Tower on Palm Jumeirah was announced earlier this month and with pre-sales of some properties fetching as much as $3000USD, real estate developer Nakheel and the Trump Organization expect that the tower's exclusive penthouse will break property records. The 270 meter tall design which features two towers that merge at the 40th floor will include 378 hotel rooms and suites, 385 condominiums, 12 townhouses, 45,000 square feet of retail and 60,000 square feet of office space along with a private beach and super-marina. Public sales of the residences began on June 23 and Donald J. Trump himself has already reserved an apartment in the Tower which is expected to be completed in May 2011.  Read More


Hard up for high-definition content? Amazon has opened pre-orders for Transformers on Blu-ray, and knocked at least 30% off the price of the eight Blu-ray movies released this week - including Persepolis, The Spiderwick Chronicles and 10,000 B.C.  Read More

Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey

If men really do retreat to their cave when they are under stress, then we have some wacky and wonderful caves to choose from. How about a cave which has been carved out of volcanic rock, is thousands of years old and is surrounded by the beautiful landscape that is Cappadocia, Turkey? Or maybe you fancy heading to Australia and going "down under" in a desert-like opal mining town? Perhaps the Provence region in France sounds idyllic, particularly when you are perched atop an ancient fortress in a room carved from rock?  Read More

The structure of zeolite scolecite, showing the aluminium and silicon atoms as the large s...

In a world first, scientists at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility have determined the distribution of aluminum in zeolites, an important step towards understanding the versatile volcanic material used in water purification, nuclear waste removal, and the spin cycle of your washing machine.  Read More

Parrot Party Black Edition

Designed as a quality alternative to the often unsatisfying speaker systems in mobile phones, this compact and totally wireless sound audio system offers four hours of playback from Bluetooth devices to a range of 33 feet, as well as a plug-in solution for listening to personal media or CD players while you're out and about.  Read More

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