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Sony has introduced a new high-definition PC/TV model with Blu-Ray Disc Technology. Featuring a floating glass design, the VAIO LT HD PC/TV is designed as a complete computer entertainment center where you can watch and record analog, digital and cable television programming, including premium HD channels.  Read More

Collision Warning with Auto Brake

World-first driver alertness technology that includes automated lane departure warnings and a new collision warning system with auto braking will be among the innovations unveiled by Volvo at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  Read More

Sleek new Nokia 6555 3G mobile phone

Nokia’s 6555 3G mobile phone is just that, a new 3G mobile phone. But in the 21st century where phone equals fashion accessory, what sets it apart at first glance is its stunning looks - the sleek clamshell design features a recessed hinge that creates a seamless line when open, an external analog clock, and inside, a 16 million color display.  Read More

Multiple Kill Vehicle technology allows missile defense units to destroy entire fleets of ...

The Cold War might be over, but the underlying strategy that arose with Reagan’s Star Wars missile defense program in the 1980s lives on as the threat of long-range missile attack remains a global concern. Lockheed Martin have just announced successful testing of part of the Missile Defense Agency's “Multiple Kill Vehicle” program designed to be a single-launch platform to neutralize an entire fleet of incoming enemy missiles.  Read More

Jaguar's new XF sports salooon

One of the most anticipated models in Jaguar’s history makes its public debut today. After a frenzied response to the recent C-XF concept car unveiled at the start of the year, the public can now catch its first glimpse of the new Jaguar XF luxury four-door sports saloon. Packed with nifty technology and kitted out as a proper luxury saloon, the question remains – will this be the start of a new era for the Ford-owned Jaguar brand, or has the production car’s styling been neutered too much from the C-XF concept to tempt buyers?  Read More

Gomadic Quadcharge

The Quadcharge is an inexpensive, all in one hub that allows you to charge four devices simultaneously whilst decreasing the number of AC adaptors that need to be connected to a power source, while at the same time cleaning up the tangled web of cords that otherwise pervade your kitchen bench-top or home office space.  Read More

Digital cinema on the rise

Cinema has been proclaimed dead by critics more times than James Bond has by evil masterminds – but, as in Bond films, it’s unwise to make a prognosis before seeing the body firsthand. Despite a debate surrounding the pros and cons of the shift from film to digital technology in the movie industry, digital cinema screens are beginning to take a foothold on both sides of the Atlantic and new technologies are being developed that will aid this transition.  Read More

Biofuels from alcohol production by-products

The debate surrounding the benefits and perils of biofuels continues with by-products from the alcohol manufacturing process offered as the latest solution in the search for alternatives to fossil fuel. A proposal for a new research project to be completed at the University of Abertay Dundee in the UK has outlined a concept for cars to run on residues from beer and whisky production.  Read More

Eleksen’s new eSystem

Smart fabric technology makers Eleksen Group have announced sensor technology allowing consumers to choose which gadget they want to control via their interactive clothing. The new technology system will also benefit garment makers wanting to create interactive apparel (iApparel) but lack the technological capabilities.  Read More

Production milestone
 Photo: Boeing

Airplane manufacturing giant Boeing has announced the completion of its 3,000th aircraft built its Everett site in Washington. Coincidently, the factory is also celebrating 40 years in operation this year. The widebody 777-200ER (Extended Range) model was delivered to Korean Air and joins the a worldwide fleet of Boeing 747, 767 and 777 airplanes that have flown more than 34.5 million flights across 71 billion nautical miles.  Read More

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