Photokina 2014 highlights
Super Talent’s new US$420 128GB Solid State Drive offers 150 MB/sec

Solid State Drives just keep getting better and prices get ever more competitive and Super Talent Technology’s latest additions to its MasterDrive family will excite more than a few of our readers. The new SSDs employ a sophisticated new multi-channel SATA-II (3.0 Gbits per sec) controller, with the MasterDrive OX using MLC NAND Flash to transfer data at speeds up to 150 MB/sec sequential read and 100 MB/sec sequential write while the MasterDrive PX uses SLC NAND Flash to deliver a breath-taking 170 MB/sec sequential read and 130 MB/sec sequential write speeds.  Read More

Motion Capture in MRI

We’ve seen a bit of innovative motion capture technology in recent times, furthering the notion that the technology can find some compelling application in the real world and is far more relevant than just computer games! MoCap technology is advancing rapidly and Measurand’s ShapeWrap III full body system, ShapeHand Data Glove, and ShapeAccelArray Geotechnical sensors have already found countless ways of enhancing understanding and interface design. Perhaps the company’s most innovative endeavour to date is its work with the medical community to aide in MRI research and analysis. The ShapeHand is a portable, lightweight motion capture system of flexible ribbons that captures hand and finger motion. The data captured by the ShapeHand system precisely simulates the hand movements of whoever is wearing it, and projects a computer generated 3D image of the hand (or hands) on a screen. By using plastic optical fiber laminated to an MRI compatible substrate on extended leads, the ShapeHand system can be fitted specifically for the MRI environment.  Read More

Sealegs amphibious boats

We've been following the development of New Zealand based Sealegs range of ingenious, driveable amphibious boats since back in 2004 and now, after rolling-out in 14 countries worldwide, the company is gearing up for its first US appearance at the at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in late October.  Read More

Image courtesy of Nicholas Moreau

It’s a global remedy to a common problem – when your team isn’t performing, sack the coach. It happens across all sporting genres, and … it doesn’t work. That’s the conclusion of a study from Mid Sweden University about hiring and firing coaches in the Swedish Elite Series ice-hockey league during the period 1975/76-2005/06. The findings are also generally the study confirms the situation is roughly the same in all major team sports, including soccer.  Read More

The Business Card for Dentists

Stuart Saunders is a serial entrepreneur and inventor and has designed everything from Mass Transit Systems to CPU coolers, stereo systems, screen printers, traffic lights, and even a 4WD system with one differential, but almost certainly the business card for dentists is the invention which will find itself in the most hands. It’s a plastic credit card that contains 50 metres of dental floss – it’s a no-brainer for dentists as it combines just enough floss for between check-ups, and a ready-made reminder of the telephone number - and a nuclear wow-factor.It's quite a business card too.  Read More

c-Si solar cell layers

Currently, photovoltaic modules in solar panels employ petroleum-based plastics as a protective backing, increasing their overall carbon footprint and maintaining a reliance the fossil fuel economy. To free solar power from the uncertainties of oil prices, and to help make them a truly green power source, BioSolar has developed bio-based components that are ready to replace the backsheet, substrate and superstrate components of solar panels. The materials have a lifespan of 20-25 years, and, most importantly, they are 25% cheaper to manufacture than the plastic alternative.  Read More

Sony's new DSLR flagship - the 24.6 megapixel alpha900

There's been plenty for high-end camera enthusiasts to drool over in recent times - Nikon's D90, Canon's EOS 50d and some serious professional hardware announcements from Leaf and Hasselblad. Now Sony has added to the smorgasbord with the announcement of a new top-model for its alpha DSLR range - the A900. Not only does the unit pack a whopping 24.6 megapixel resolution, but it does so with full-frame CMOS sensor that's equivalent to a 35mm film frame.  Read More

The speakers are computer-optimized, and include proprietary compression technology to pro...

Sound quality is always the key consideration when it comes to speaker systems, but if you are looking to combine this with some serious visual impact, Harman Kardon's GLA-55 two-piece speaker set for computers, laptops and portable media players could well be an option.  Read More

The Gerald R Ford class carriers will have a larger flight deck, improved weapons handling...

The Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 is the first ship in the first new aircraft carrier class in over 40 years and Northrop Grumman has received a $5.1 billion, seven-year contract for its construction, which is scheduled to be delivered to the Navy in 2015.  Read More

GM takes wraps off Chevrolet Volt production model

General Motors has officially unveiled the production version of the Chevrolet Volt. We first encountered this electric-vehicle as a concept in early 2007 and following a first glimpse last month, we now have a much clearer picture of the what it will look like when it hits showrooms in the US in 2011. The four-seater represents a clever compromise by GM engineers in balancing fully-electric, zero local emissions driving with the need for greater range. The Volt has a full-time electric drive and can cover 40 miles on purely electric power, which is ample for the day to day driving most of us do, but when the battery runs low, a gasoline/E85-powered engine generator kicks-in to maintain power supply and extend the range by "several hundred miles" according to GM.  Read More

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