Highlights from the 2014 LA Auto Show
New HEMPASIL X3 marine paint reduces fuel consumption

With vast numbers of ships traveling the world’s oceans daily and consuming large quantities of fossil fuels, it is not surprising that fleet owners would be focused on ways to reduce their fuel bills and carbon footprint. We've touched on the problem of higher fuel costs associated with ineffective marine paint in the past and it's these costs that the new HEMPASIL X3 package aims to address.  Read More

The Virgin Brawn GP team's spectacular first up effort

The feats of Brawn GP at Albert Park in the team's inaugural race at the first round of World Formula One Championship on March 29, 2009 will surely go down in the pantheon of spectacularly successful first-up sporting efforts. A month ago they were all unemployed, but in just 28 days they put two cars on the track, tested them over a normally-inadequate 2000 km and qualified them 1-2 for the first race, at the same time announcing a heavyweight backer in the form of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group and involvement with a new Virgin Fuel, reportedly a clean-burning petroleum replacement. Next day, success fueled more success with a 1-2 finish for the team, and engine supplier Mercedes. Mastermind Ross Brawn was in tears after the race, as no doubt were Honda.  Read More

MODE fold up bicycle

In a world in which we have come to expect our gadgets to be small and compact yet deliver the benefits of the full size model, Pacific Cycles' IF Mode fold-up bike is unlikely to disappoint. The IF MODE combines a number of features to optimize fast folding into a compact footprint including a single sided fork and rear stay (on opposite sides of the frame), folding handlebars, integrated stem and front fork and even folding pedals. The clever twist - literally - is the patented, single-action, automatic folding mechanism that requires no tools or removal of parts and automatically guides the wheels together. Once folded, MODE becomes a wheelable package complete with in-built handle so that you don't have a dead weight to lug around when you swap pedalling for perambulation.  Read More

Geotectura and Malka have developed a concept for a zeppelin-style flying structure for De...

If you’ve ever sat in a classroom, bored silly, and wished you could just fly away, here’s the solution, well, sort of. The new concept from Geotectura and Malka - a flying structure for Delft University’s Architecture Faculty - melds spacecraft with studio space to create AIRchitecture, a dynamic, real-world learning environment with a minimal carbon footprint.  Read More

LoJoBall: the lounging lovechild of bean bag and pouf

Not sure about you, but I never found the traditional bean bag the most appealing of items, always having to re-adjust myself to stay comfortable and still have my drink within reaching distance. Gizmag has recently looked at some of the latter day improvements that seek to redefine these polystyrene ball filled sacks into a comfortable alternative to furniture, and the LoJoBall -a sphere like creation that is a cross between a bean bag and a pouf - is another that fits the bill.  Read More

Wriggle Wrapper keeps baby secure whilst sleeping...

Phil and Ted's Wriggle Wrapper is a multi-functional baby product that can be used for feeding, sitting or sleeping. It simply wraps around the baby and is then attached with secure straps and clips to a dining chair, a single bed or an adult's lap. It is made from strong polyester and has a rubber grip underside to stop baby slipping, sliding or as the name suggests, wriggling!  Read More

The Wacom Intuos4 M

Although we’d all be lost without our trusty mice helping us navigate around our virtual desktop, there are some tasks that they just aren’t suited to. Anyone who has attempted to draw the simplest of pictures using the mouse knows that they are a poor substitute for the control that can be had from a traditional pen or pencil. That is why graphics tablets are such an essential tool of the trade for graphic artists, photographers and designers to name but a few. And probably the biggest name when it comes to graphics tablets is Wacom, so when they release an update to their popular Intuos line of pen tablets it’s worth taking a look see.  Read More

Smart Dew security concept

The cost of securing large properties with physical barriers like fences or conventional electronic surveillance systems can be quite prohibitive but a new invention from Tel Aviv University promises a cheap, effective solution in the form of a network of tiny sensors as small as dewdrops. Called "Smart Dew", the devices can be scattered outdoors on rocks, fence posts and doorways, or even indoors on the floor of a bank to serve as invisible security guards with each individual "dew droplet" capable of detecting an intrusion within a parameter of 50 meters (165 feet).  Read More

A schematic illustration shows the microfiber-nanowire hybrid nanogenerator, which is the ...

The human body is a veritable powerhouse. Every minute of everyday it generates energy, but unfortunately much of this energy is wasted on mundane tasks like burning calories or keeping internal organs running. What if this energy could be harnessed to do something really useful – like charge your iPod or mobile phone? Technology that does just that - converting mechanical energy from body movements or even the flow of blood in the body into electric energy that can be used to power a broad range of electronic devices without using batteries – has been described by scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Read More

The Crayola USB EZ Type Keyboard is hard to miss

Crayola is a name that conjures up happy childhood memories for generations of kids – or former kids. Although the Crayola brand is synonymous with crayons and other assorted ‘coloring implements’, that hasn’t stopped them embracing the digital age with a range of colorful electronic toys designed to combine learning with fun. Gizmag got the low down on the latest from the company at the recent Australian Toy Hobby and Nursery Fair.  Read More

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