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Ferrari world record price - US$11 million

It is perhaps appropriate that just a few days after Ferrari released details of its delectable new California model, that a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder should set a world record auction price of EUR 7,040,000 (US$11,070,000). No doubt buoyed by its "celebrity provenance" (it was owned by Academy Award winner James Coburn), the Nero Black covered headlamp Spyder caused a frenzy of bidding on the auction block.  Read More

A London black cab

While improvements in engine technology have led to a marked improvement in fuel efficiency and carbon emissions in vehicles running on internal combustion engines in recent years, even greater cuts in emissions need to be made to tackle the global environmental problems associated with them. We’ve seen commercial airlines turning to biofuels, trucks running on liquefied natural gas and buses using ethanol engines. One of the most promising solutions for the humble car of the future could is hydrogen fuel cell systems, with a number of car manufacturers investing heavily in development.  Read More

Swinxs: a toy for active play

The Swinxs is a unique games system which encourages children to move and run while they’re having fun. Designed for active indoor and outdoor play the Swinxs communicates, cheers players on, explains games, referees and keeps game scores with the help of RFID wristbands worn by each player.  Read More

Alpine Electronics' ultra-compact subwoofer

Alpine Electronics has developed a subwoofer solution for automobile enthusiasts who value space as much as bass. The subwoofer provides the same low frequency performance of a 12-inch model, but in a compact 100mm deep unit that can snugly fit in sports cars, SUVs and saloons.  Read More

Planon Printstik portable printer

Planon, maker of the DocuPen ultra-portable color scanner, has released a highly portable 1" x 10.75" x 1.9"printer designed for use with smart phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The “Printstik” holds a cartridge roll of 20 pages of paper and can print up to three pages per minute.  Read More

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 Photo Credit: The Boeing Company

The first Boeing 777 Freighter plane has left the paint facility in Everett, Washington, marking another step towards the scheduled launch of the plane into service late this year. The 777 Freighter is an all-cargo version of the 777-200LR Worldliner, which made Gizmag headlines in 2005 when it set the world long distance record.  Read More

Electric supercharger promises instant power boost

Now here’s an idea that begs the question as to why someone hasn't thought of it before. Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) has come up with a clever technical solution for the problem of ‘downsizing’ engines without compromising driveability and performance – the electrical supercharger. The company’s low-cost, production-ready, Variable Torque Enhancement System (VTES) employs an electrically-driven supercharger to significantly improve low speed torque response for naturally-aspirated or turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines. Unlike traditional mechanically-driven superchargers and exhaust-driven turbochargers, it doesn't suck power all the time because it is only engaged when needed, and delivers an immediate boost within 350 milliseconds. Most significantly, CPT claims the VTES can be implemented on current vehicles, using existing 12 volt electrical architecture, and when used in series with a turbocharger, the 2kW of electrical power translates into 20kW at the crankshaft.  Read More

3G iPhone to be available June 9

Tried to buy an iPhone recently? If you have, you’ve probably found it very difficult to get hold of one as stocks appear to have been depleted to zero. That was the first sign that the rumours of an impending launch of Apple’s next generation 3G iPhone were not just accurate but very close. Gizmodo today claims to have confirmed that the new 3G model will be announced at the WWDC Keynote on June 9 and immediately available in countries with current official availability! Whatsmore the new model will also herald new sales policies in some countries. Italy's Jack magazine has the first image of the 3G phone.  Read More

E. coli bacteria

US researchers have genetically engineered the bacterium E. coli to coax its DNA into computing a classic mathematical puzzle. Molecules of DNA have the natural ability to store and process information, in fact DNA represents the highest storage density of anything on Earth - French cytogeneticist Jerome LeJeune showed that the amount of information in one strand of human DNA is the same as that in 1,000 books of small print, each around 500 pages thick. Scientists have been performing computations with bare DNA molecules in lab dishes since the mid-1990s, but the new research, reported online in the Journal of Biological Engineering, is the first to do DNA computation in living cells.  Read More

The TVA Gazelle tilting 4-wheeler concept

We are on the brink of a new commuting age; cars are too heavy, too inefficient, too dirty and too big to be viable in tomorrow's traffic-clogged cities - and motorcycles are too dangerous and too hard to ride to be a real option for many. The new TVA Gazelle tilting 4-wheeler could be the answer, capable of over 100mpg, incredibly agile in the corners and with a price tag of less than US$10,000.  Read More

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