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New fluorescence correlation spectroscopy technique offers real-time view of human chemica...

One wonders sometimes just how far our understanding of life itself will extend within the next few decades. Earlier this week, U.K. researchers announced the development of a technology that enables the real-time viewing of microscopic activity within the body’s chemical messenger system. The researchers first created novel drug molecules which have “fluorescent labels” attached, then using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, the molecules can be followed under a highly sensitive microscope as they bind to receptors, glowing all the while under a laser beam … all in real time at the single molecule level. Truly remarkable!  Read More

ION's VHS 2 PC videocassette digitiser unit

Many of us remember the years when men were men, movies came on thick black VHS cassettes, and a well-dressed gent would wear an onion on his belt, as was the style of the time. Of course, these days we expect our media to be much more flexible, and with this in mind ION have released the VHS 2 PC - a VHS player with a simple USB output cable that lets you digitize all your old VHS content in one step and watch it online, on a DVD or a portable video player.  Read More

Sony's S series NWZ-S730 Walkman.

Thin is definitely in for the new S series Walkman Video MP3 players from Sony. At just 7.5mm thick the S series are the slimmest Walkmans, (or should that be Walkmen), ever.  Read More

Google today announced its new browser contender: Google Chrome

Google-philes will be delighted to find out that the company has officially confirmed it's working on a completely new Web browser to compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Because Google Chrome is a completely new product, and not an incremental update of an existing piece of software, it is able to completely re-conceive the web browsing experience - and as a result, we can expect some very cool new features out of it. Oh, and Chrome will be completely open-source.  Read More

The latest model in Grundig's iconic Audiorama series consists of two deep mid-range chass...

Grundig's disco-ball-esque speakers blasted funk in the 70s, and now the company is releasing a model for a new generation to enjoy. The Audiorama 9000 is set for an October release, for an RRP of €1100. The speaker set consists of two deep mid-range chassis, and incorporates a hyperbolically diverted treble system that provides clear 360 degrees surround sound without the “lattice fence effect”.  Read More

The UAD-2 Quad

After four and a half years of being an industry standard DSP platform, Universal Audio's UAD-1 system was getting a little long in the tooth. While there were multiple versions of the card for desktop users and the portable UAD-Xpander, they all used a single, aging SHARC DSP.  Read More

Peugeot 888 Concept Car

The Peugeot 888 Concept was conceived as the personal vehicle for the future Metropolis by Oskar Johansen (Norway). The all-electric two seater is designed to shorten its wheelbase for city driving by an ingenious hydraulic tilting system. This raises the driver in the cockpit for a better view, increases manouverability in narrow places making the car able to take a sharp u-turn, and enable the car to fit into smaller parking spaces. The 888 is one of the 23 finalists in the Fifth bi-annual Peugeot Design Competition which is now open for voting via the internet. Previous winners include such remarkable concepts as the Moonster (2001), 4002 (2003), Moovie (2005) and the Flux (2007). The competition is truly one of the highlights of the Motor Show season every second year because the winning project actually gets built by the team at Peugeot. Check out the full 23 finalists here.  Read More

Vinturi – the instant wine aerator

The world will consume 25 billion litres of wine this year, which makes the Vinturi a very important invention. That’s because most wines needs to “breathe” – a bottle of wine drunk within a half hour of opening will not taste as good as one which has been allowed to aerate for an hour or more. Decanting wine speeds up the aeration and oxidation process, but not like a Vinturi – operating on Bernoulli's principle (as the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases), the Vinturi does what decanting will do in an hour in the time it takes to pour a glass. At US$40, the tiny Californian invention may well destroy some time-honoured rituals, but it’s a killer product in a thriving industry  Read More

Snobootz - a viable alternative to snow chains

September When ice and snow cover the roads, people have been turning to snow chains for a hundred years in order to get traction. Now there’s no denying they work, but there’s also no denying that there has to be a better way. A new alternative for ensuring winter traction has been announced and the initial claims make the Navimetrix Snobootz look pretty good. Snobootz consist of a durable fabric boot which wraps around the tire. Rubber traction pads are bonded to the fabric which are embedded with steel cleats to offer aggressive ice-clawing traction. Independent university tests show the Snobootz are about 20 percent faster than snow chains from zero to 20 mph on a full-size SUV, 66 percent faster to install and at one-third the weight of chains, Snobootz are easier to handle and store. At US$250 a pair, they’re not cheaper than chains, but they are faster, easier and safer.  Read More

Samsung’s X360 - the world’s lightest 13.3-inch laptop

With Apple’s Macbook Air firmly in its sights, Samsung was showing off the new X360 laptop at IFA in Berlin and touting the new model as, “fully featured and lighter than air”. Both claims turn out to be true with the X360 claiming the title of the world’s lightest 13.3-inch laptop coming in at just 2.8lb, (1.27kg), which is just under the Macbook Air’s 3lbs, (1.36kg), while featuring 3 USB ports, HDMI and VGA out, ExpressCard/34 slot, a 7-in-1 memory card reader, Ethernet socket and a 128GB SSD.  Read More

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