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The Sun Storage 7110.

Sun Microsystems has introduced the first products in its Unified Storage System line-up with the promise of breakthrough diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities, optimized performance, one-fourth the energy consumption, simple installation and configuration in under five minutes and up to 75% cost savings compared to competing storage systems.  Read More

 One of the testing machines in which the researchers examine liquid crystals as lubrican...

Lubrication enables all of the world’s machinery to function, but even then, at least a quarter of all the energy is lost to friction. Despite some ingenious lubrication methods, at least 15% of the power made in a car engine is lost to friction. In most machinery, frictional losses are much higher than 15% and the heat resultant from friction generates trillions of dollars of repair and maintenance every year. Now a breakthrough in lubricant design employing liquid crystals promises a vast reduction in friction and some quite remarkable lubricants are about five years from market – oils that could reduce friction to almost zero.  Read More

Plans unveiled for another architectural marvel in Dubai

The latest in a long-list of architectural wonders planned for Dubai's skyline, the Anara Tower is a 125-storey modern interpretation of the Minaret that will soar to almost 2000 feet and provide five million square feet of mixed use space including four sky gardens, a major Art Gallery, residential, retail and office space and a boutique five star hotel. Designed by UK based Atkins Designs Studio, the visually stunning skyscraper will also become the new global HQ for developer Tameer Holding Investment, which already boasts an impressive real-estate portfolio including the Princess Tower, Eye-Park and the Podium, a recently announced tower that will incorporate the world's largest LED screen.  Read More

The ClarityLife C900 Mobile Phone for Seniors

The ClarityLife C900 is a very simple mobile phone with large controls, so it’s not the sort of technology we normally eulogise about in Gizmag. It’s key difference is that it has been reengineered to cater to the specific needs of the most technologically disenfranchised segment of our society – the elderly. The C900 is can be amplified an extra 20-decibels and it has oversized text for a group where hearing problems and failing eyesight are the norm. Most significantly, the US$270 cell phone incorporates an emergency response button capping off a very relevant feature set to an aging population that just goes on and on - hearing aid compatible, an extra strong vibrating ringer and a flashing orange LED to signal incoming calls for the hearing impaired and a flashlight.  Read More

KTM 2WD hybrid dirt bike

Patents lodged by Austrian Competition Motorcycle Manufacturer KTM indicate that a hybrid 2WD dirt bike is not far away. Common sense dictates that a motorcycle with both wheels driven (2WD) will go around corners faster and with greater surety than one equipped only with the motorcycle’s traditional rear-wheel drive, much the same as 4WD cars offer superior traction to their rear or front wheel drive brethren. A lot of interesting development work has been done over the last decade with Yamaha offering Ohlins 2WD system on selected enduro bikes in Europe, Christini developing mechanical AWD (aka 2WD) kits for Honda and KTM dirt bikes and KTM talking publicly about its hydraulic 2WD development. Now it appears KTM is to employ a small electric motor on each wheel to supply additional torque when it’s needed. A recently filed set of patent applications heralds some exciting prospects.  Read More

The MechRC has 17 independently controllable servos.

Is this Megatron's love-child? The MechRC is a programmable, remote controlled robot with 17 independently controllable servos (points of articulation), each capable of up to 180 degrees of movement. This provides the bot with an extremely wide range of actions – and the database of 100 pre-programmed motions and sound can be expanded by using the included software to create new manoeuvres.  Read More

fig 1 - 5.1 channel (

The world of home theater seems ever changing. New formats, new innovations and cheaper prices have made an altogether bigger audio-visual experience more accessible for everyone. Two channel systems have been common place in our lounge rooms for decades now, but you might need a few more tricks in your arsenal to get the best out of the latest multi-speaker systems. Tim LeFevre investigates.  Read More

BMW unveils F 800 R roadster

The 1200cc Lo-Rider concept may have been the big story to emerge from the BMW Motorrad camp at last week's EICMA 2008 Milan Motorcycle Show, but it wasn't the only new kid on the block. Set to join the F800S and ST in the company's mid-market line-up from May 2009, the new F 800 R naked roadster sports an 87hp in-line 2-cylinder engine, F800GS-style headlights, chain drive and a new light alloy cast double-sided swingarm.  Read More

LifeBook U820 mini notebook

A netbook that combines full-featured PC functionality with voice-prompted GPS navigation, a 16-inch desktop replacement notebook that incorporates a second 4-inch touch screen and a 2.2 pound convertible tablet PC are among the latest mobile computing offerings from Fujitsu.  Read More

The Mobie Juice Pack for iPhone 3G.

If there’s one complaint iPhone 3G users have it is the battery life, so it’s hardly surprising to see the first Apple certified “Works With iPhone” attached battery hit the market. The Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 3G is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the form of a non-slip, soft grip case that is designed to more than double the battery life of your iPhone and protect it at the same time. It offers pass-through USB so the iPhone can be charged and synced with iTunes via the included USB cable without removing it from the Juice Pack.  Read More

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