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November 22, 2011

The Pack-Rifle converts from a .22 caliber rifle to a fishing rod

The Pack-Rifle converts from a .22 caliber rifle to a fishing rod

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Takedown rifles that can be broken down for easy transport and storage fit the bill nicely for hunting trips, as they don't add a lot of weight or take up a lot of space in a backpack. A fishing rod to provide a more tranquil way of rustling up some dinner is another item likely to find its way into said backpack on such expeditions. But why take up space with two separate items when one will do the job? That's where the Pack-Rifle comes in with its ability to covert from a rifle to a fishing rod.

Made by Utah-based Mountain View Machine & Welding, Inc., the Pack-Rifle is a lightweight, weather resistant, single shot, .22 caliber takedown rifle machined from high strength aluminum with a button rifled barrel consisting of a Cro-Moly liner and carbon fiber composite outer. Carbon fiber is also used for the rifle's butt stock tube and most of the unit's wear parts and fasteners are constructed of stainless steel.

Its makers claim the rifle's construction makes it the lightest rifle going around, weighing in at just 15.5 oz (439.4 g). They also say the Pack-Rifle can be broken down into two pieces without tools in less than two seconds, reducing its length from 33-inches (84 cm) to a more backpack-friendly 17 inches (43 cm). It can also be reassembled just as fast. When converting to a fishing rod, the barrel is removed and the butt stock tube extends to form the rod while a reel is attached to the handle.

The Pack-Rifle retails for US$425 and can also be fitted with optional adjustable peep sights, which cost extra. The company is also considering producing the Pack-Rifle in another caliber if the .22 caliber model is successful.

Source: The Firearm Blog

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Perfect gag gift idea for the outdoors type!

Carlos Grados

With this we can finally have an end to the classic \"the fish was this big\" stories!

Spike Elex

This could be a great product for a Saturday Night Live skit!


Will it blend?

If you cant land the fish, and kill it with a .22 you should not be going after it with this device. And where do you stash the second .22 bullet.

Give me a Henry Arms AR-7 or Marlin Papoose and a Ronco pocket fisherman any day over this.

Timothy Sisson

For some reason the theme songs for James Bond movies and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. run through my head after reading this article.

Gregg Eshelman

@Timothy, " Marlin Papoose and a Ronco pocket fisherman any day over this." Excellent choice! now, if only I could still buy the pocket fisherman.

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