Oval smart sensor is designed to monitor people, pets and objects


August 26, 2014

The Oval sensor tracks motion, light, temperature, moisture and proximity

The Oval sensor tracks motion, light, temperature, moisture and proximity

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We live in a world where more and more of our stuff is connected to the internet. However, some things just can't be connected for various reasons. You can't connect cookies to the internet, you can't connect a stuffed animal or a medicine cabinet, but you can monitor them thanks to trackers. A new one, called Oval, aims to offer a small, affordable motion, light, temperature, moisture, and proximity sensor to the masses.

This is, of course, not the first connected sensor we've seen. Back in 2012 we saw the Knut hit Kickstarter, but this one definitely looks easy to use and moderately affordable. It offer a range of about 1,500 feet (457 m), which should be plenty to allow users to track things in and around their home.

Basically, this system allows users to connect sensors to a gateway that is hooked up to a router. Once connected, the sensors will send signals to the gateway, and from there, it will take action by alerting the user through a mobile app, email, text message, or even a direct telephone call. Once in the app or looking at the service on the web, users can see exactly what happened. So if, for example, the sensor was on a medicine cabinet door, the user would see that the door was moved.

The uses for sensors like this are far-reaching, and really come down to the needs of the user. Safety applications like monitoring cabinets where harmful chemicals are stored is one use, as could monitoring snacks in the house to make sure the kids aren't sneaking treats before dinner. Have a teenager who just got their license? Throw a tracker on the keys to make sure they aren't sneaking out for a joyride.

The Oval team is seeking funding on Indiegogo. It's about halfway to meeting its US$40,000 goal. Backers interested in receiving a sensor and a gateway will need to pledge at least $99, with additional sensors coming in at $59. Delivery is expected to occur in February of 2015.

The pitch video below provides more information on the Oval sensor.

Source: Oval, Indiegogo

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One extension (not mentioned above) that I'd love to see is multiple gateways, linked so as to provide location data within the 1500 foot radius. Knowing that the car keys are in an upstairs bedroom, rather than hanging on the key rack would be wonderful! Same for cell phones, TV controllers and even kids...

David Bell

Thanks David - Oval will be capable of locating people, pets and items within its home network by use of trilateration. We are using the different Oval sensors installed in your home, acting as "satellites". More information can be found in our FAQ here

Lars Piwkowski

This looks like it would be very nice for using the air temperature / humidity on the other side of a room to control an inexpensive in-window air conditioner or a portable heater. Both suffer from the thermostat being too local to the device. A sealed immersible sensor like this that could be used to provide wireless data for controlling a stove or oven (if the electronics could be made to cope with the temperature) would be very nice also. Particularly, one could make a robotic version of the removable magnetic dial controller for one of those Nef induction cooktops and allow any (induction) fry pan to be a thermostatic electric skillet.

John Banister
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