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Outlaw LCR loudspeaker optimized for vertical or horizontal placements


February 3, 2008

Outlaw LCR loudspeaker optimized for vertical or horizontal placements

Outlaw LCR loudspeaker optimized for vertical or horizontal placements

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February 3, 2008 Outlaw Audio has introduced the Outlaw LCR, a flexible home theater loudspeaker that is the first to include the company's exclusive Main/Center Optimization, (MCO), selectable crossover technology. This allows the speaker's acoustic radiation pattern to be optimized for use as either a left or right front speaker or as a horizontal center channel speaker simply by flipping the MCO switch. Designed and hand-built in the USA to audiophile-grade performance standards, the Outlaw LCR features two long-throw 5-1/4" SEAS woofers flanking a custom designed 1-inch ferrofluid-cooled soft-dome tweeter, giving it improved bass performance and enabling the flexible MCO crossover circuitry. It is this circuitry that enables users to select between two crossover configurations to optimize the speaker's output for either center channel (horizontal) or main channel (vertical) placement.

With the MCO selector set to Main, the speaker employs a standard 2-way crossover, giving it the performance benefits of a D'Appolito array main speaker, but when the MCO is selected to 'Center', the crossover is configured as a 2-1/2-way network, where both woofers are used for deep bass output, but only one carries the midrange frequencies. This arrangement has the increased bass output benefit of a dual-woofer design, but avoids the adverse lobing issues that result from dual horizontal midrange drivers. Additionally, when the speaker is positioned vertically, but above the listener's head, the MCO switch can be set to the center position, making use of the lobing effects of the 2-1/2-way design as an electronic 'tilt', effectively aiming the midrange output 15-degrees downward, toward the listening position.

A high-frequency adjustment switch allows the tweeter output to be boosted or lowered by 2 dB to compensate for acoustically 'live' or 'dead' rooms and each loudspeaker employs a proprietary three-position Boundary Compensation switch to tailor output for placement near walls, corners, or in open air. The Outlaw LCR's furniture-grade cabinet is constructed of low-resonance MDF with hand-painted black finish or optional book-matched cherry veneer, and includes a perforated metal grille.

The Outlaw LCR is currently available exclusively through Outlaw's website at a retail price of USD$649 each for black finish, or USD$699 each for cherry veneer.

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