Tepui's new roof-top tent carries gear and camps out

Last month at Overland Expo, Tepui previewed its all-new hard shell tent. It was so fresh from the manufacturing plant that it didn't even have a name, outside of "Hard Shell Tent." The company has now labeled it Project White Lightning and put it up on Kickstarter. The new tent offers the most comprehensive feature set we've seen on a roof-top tent, including integrated roof rails, the ability to double as a roof-top cargo box and a low-profile design that shouldn't take away too many mpgs on your campground commute.Read More

Bruder EXP-6 trailer brings a touch of luxury to the muddy, rocky backcountry

Every time we think we've seen some heavy-duty American off-road camping trailers, a new Australian trailer comes along looking like it could tear through those trailers like a cannonball through a Lego castle. The Bruder EXP-6 is one of the most extreme examples we've seen. This dual-axle battering ram is all man-vs-nature business outside but elegant comfort inside, offering you the ability to set up camp and live like a veritable king in the most foreboding parts of the planet.Read More

Multifunctional tent splits the difference between backpacking and car camping

Those that spend a lot of time adventuring and sleeping outdoors can quickly amass a small pile of tents and shelters, and not necessarily just because they like to upgrade to the latest tree tent or retractable dome. Different activities, such as fast-and-light backpacking and car camping lend themselves to different types of tents, and oftentimes one tent doesn't translate over very well to other activities. Cotopaxi wants to cut down the tent overload and give you one tent for multiple activities. Its Inti 2 switches between lightweight backpacking tent for two and roomy car camping tent for four.Read More

Rugged B14 scooter gets adventurous upgrade for tearing up the dirt

The Rover B14 scooter from Portland's Works Electric is a tough, standup electric scooter built for kicking up dust and chewing through dirt. Like the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon or Toyota 4Runner Trail Premium, the all-new B14 Adventure scooter debuts as a high-performance, off-road-tweaked upgrade on an already rugged vehicle. The latest Rover has been fortified for rough ground and tuned for increased speed and fun.Read More

The latest take on sock-shoes tramp over floors and dirt

The hype around barefoot shoes has cooled since its heyday a few years ago, when it seemed there was a never-ending surge of weird designs like half-sole running pads and chain-mail sock-shoes. That doesn't mean weird, barefoot-style shoes have disappeared completely. Swiss Barefoot is still out and about hawking its sporty, five-toed tough socks, and now it has some new competition. Skinners Technologies has a similar sock-shoe design, albeit in a more traditional toe box cut. It's not too late to get in on running, jumping and lounging in ruggedized socks, if that's something you have any desire to get in on.Read More

Multifunctional Lantern serves a variety of lighting needs

In the great outdoors, getting more out of a single tool means a better time at camp and less gear and weight in your pack. That's a big reason why the category of multifunctional lighting has been flourishing in recent years. We've seen plenty of examples, including the Bosavi headlamp/lantern/bike light, the Light & Motion Solite headlamp/flashlight/bike light and the Candea water bottle/bike light. The all-new Lantern joins the pack, working as a 1,000-lumen LED flashlight/lantern/bike light combo that also charges portable gadgets.Read More

No need to ask Siri – this smart umbrella knows if you'll need it

If a device has a companion app that gives weather forecasts, then that means the device itself doesn't predict the weather … right? Nonetheless, we have seen a few app-accompanied products that make such claims. The TARAbrella, however, is different. It's a stand-alone umbrella that is said to be able to tell when it's going to rain.Read More

Habitat flip-top camper turns the Tacoma pickup into a rugged explorer

The Jeep Wrangler might be the most well-known adventure vehicle in the US, but the Toyota Tacoma is also a very popular choice, as our Tacoma-heavy tour of the recent Overland Expo proved. Arizona's Adventure Trailers Overland already has a neat, integrated flip-top camper for the Jeep, the JK Habitat, and now it's added a Habitat for the Tacoma. The new bed camper transforms the popular small pickup into a capable expedition vehicle.
Read More


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