Touch-controlled headphones lead Outdoor Tech's wilderness-ready product launch


June 28, 2013

During CE Week, Outdoor Tech announced a range of rugged products, including the touch-controlled Privates headphones, the Buckshot wireless speaker, and the Safe 5 waterproof iPhone case

During CE Week, Outdoor Tech announced a range of rugged products, including the touch-controlled Privates headphones, the Buckshot wireless speaker, and the Safe 5 waterproof iPhone case

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As the name suggests, Outdoor Tech makes rugged gear that lets people use their gadgets in somewhat harsh environments, and the new products it brought to CE Week are no exception. While the Buckshot wireless speaker and the Safe 5 waterproof iPhone case are sure to appeal to the active gadget enthusiast, the limelight belongs to the company's touch-controlled Privates headphones.

Buckshot wireless speaker

The Buckshot is a portable Bluetooth speaker about the size and shape of a shotgun shell (hence the name). With its black ruggedized casing, the speaker can be dropped on the ground and take the odd splash of water without suffering any damage. When fully charged and paired with a Bluetooth-enabled device, it can play music from up to 32 ft (10 m) away for 10 hours straight. It also comes packaged with a bicycle mount that allows you to strap it to almost anything with a handle.

The Buckshot speaker will carry a price tag of US$49.95.

Safe 5 iPhone case

The Safe 5 case is for the iPhone 5 owner who just can't part with their smart device, even out in the wilderness. The case has an IPX-7 waterproof rating and can remain submerged in three feet (about 1 m) of water for up to 30 minutes without springing a leak. It's built to completely lock in your phone with a rubber gasket and three aluminum latches. Once a phone is inside, the touch screen, buttons, and even the charging port, are still functional.

The Safe 5 case will be available in a choice of clear, orange, aqua, or yellow for $49.95.

Privates headphones

Probably the most interesting of Outdoor Tech's offerings are the Privates headphones, which connect to a smart device via Bluetooth and are controlled with a touchpad on the right earpiece. By swiping a finger over the touch controls, users can switch tracks and adjust the volume of their music. A single button controls the play/pause function, as well as power and Bluetooth pairing.

On a full charge, users can enjoy streamed audio for about 10 hours at a range of up to 32 ft, offering the potential to wander all over a campsite while listening to some tunes sent wirelessly from a device in your tent. If the cans are paired with a phone, users can answer calls by pressing the button on the side and talking into the built-in microphone.

The headphones will even display a gauge on your smart device to show how much power you have left, and there's an optional 3.5 mm auxiliary jack if you don't want to use the Bluetooth connection. The Privates were also designed with portability in mind, which is why the headband is made of canvas and they can be folded down for travel.

The Privates headphone will be priced at $99.95 and will come in black, blue, green, or gold.

The Safe 5, Buckshot, and Privates will all be available direct from Outdoor Tech in July.

Source: Outdoor Tech

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Outdoor Tech's Bluetooth headphones have an interesting touch control function that would seem more convenient to use than many traditional in-line controllers. The adjustment mechanism looks very similar to the kind used on many entry level headphones & if that';s the case it might not be very sturdy at all! Beware.

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