Otterbox protective cases for Blackberry Pearl and Curve series


November 11, 2007

November 12, 2007 Otter Products, LLC. has added to its Defender Series of semi-rugged, fully-interactive protective cases with the OtterBox 1934 for the Blackberry Pearl and the OtterBox 1935 for the BlackBerry Curve. Both cases enable complete usability of the trackball and camera with three protective layers providing bump, scratch and drop protection.

The OtterBox 1934 and 1935 include three Donaldson Acoustic Vents that cover and protect the microphone, headset and speaker phone openings, while still allowing clear sound transmission through the case. The sync/charge jack is also accessible through a silicone plug. The cases also include a holster-style, swivel belt clip for convenient carrying. The BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Curve smartphones feature a magnet proximity sensor to automatically shut off the screen to maximize battery life when stored - a feature supported with the OtterBox cases.

The first layer of protection is a thermal formed protective clear membrane, which is slid on to safeguard screen and keyboard to protect against scratching as well as dust and dirt. The second layer is formed by snapping together a hi-impact polycarbonate shell - available in yellow or black - and the unit is then wrapped in a silicone skin designed to absorb bumps and shocks. The resultant casing will provide some protection against drop, bump and dust, but is not waterproof.

The OtterBox 1935 and 1935 are available now for US$49.95.

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