Ostrich Pillow Junior: The portable napping aid for youngsters


September 15, 2013

Children can nap anywhere with the Ostrich Pillow Junior

Children can nap anywhere with the Ostrich Pillow Junior

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The Ostrich Pillow is one of the oddest looking creations we've stumbled across over the years, but that doesn't mean it's not functional. Now Studio Banana Things is back with the Ostrich Pillow Junior, a smaller version designed for kids in need of a power nap.

In case you have not seen the adult-sized Ostrich Pillow, it's like a sleeve that allows the user to place his or her hands and head inside to create a portable power nap environment ... or just give you an option during those "head in the sand" moments.

The new version of the pillow is aimed at children ages six and up. A big change between the Junior model and adult version is a larger hole in the face area, so the eyes of the child are also visible. The padding in the forehead has been enhanced, and neck support has ramped up for extra seated nap comfort.

Like the original Ostrich Pillow, the Junior is available in multiple colors, with the addition of two new ones called Berry Snooze and Dreamy Waves (red and blue).

Many major retailers are selling the Ostrich Pillow Junior for US$75.

Product page: Studio Banana Things

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