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3D printable SLR brings whole new meaning to "digital camera"


July 9, 2013

Léo Marius' 3D printable OpenReflex SLR camera

Léo Marius' 3D printable OpenReflex SLR camera

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Further evidence that the list of things yet to be 3D printed is shrinking by the minute, Léo Marius has come up with a 3D printable SLR camera. Named OpenReflex, the camera includes a mirror viewfinder and a mechanical shutter release button. By using custom ring mounts, Marius says that more or less any lens can be attached.

Marius says that the entire camera should be printable using an ABS 3D printer in under 15 hours, with an extra hour to put the individual parts (including the film receiver, shutter and viewfinder) together. The film receiver takes 35-mm film which the shutter exposes for 1/60 s, and though your mileage may vary, I think it takes rather lovely black and white stills:

Clearly, you can't print the entire camera, and so a few other bits and pieces (such as a mirror and some screws and bolts) need to be bought. Marius puts the material costs, including the ABS, at under €25 ($32).

The designs are available under a Creative Commons license, and Marius encourages other designers to tweak the OpenReflex and share their modifications on the web. If there's enough interest, Marius is considering launching a crowdfunding campaign to sell the camera for about €50 (US$65) a time.

Check out Instructables for the design files and instructions.

Sources: Instructables, Thingiverse, via DIY Photography

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Neat, but limited appeal with digital technology everywhere now and film supply (and developers) getting harder to find, especially away from big, trendy, city markets. Still, I applaud him for the effort. 3D printing - an idea 50 years too early - or is that 50 years too late?

The Skud

It may only be a film stock camera but these are early days so this should be seen as a milestone not a millstone. I'm sure it won't be long before there are CAD files available for cloning all the latest digital cameras out there. Well done Marius!

Tarquin Sykes-Roebuck

yeah i;m sure sony and canon etc use nothing but plastic parts no metal springs, plastic batteries, plastic screws and people love the heft and strength of abs in a camera all the same color too it will be exactly the same thing wle

Larry English
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