One-room London apartment transformed into a two-level luxury home


May 18, 2012

The Queen’s Gate makeover in London saw a simple studio apartment transformed into a luxury multi-level home

The Queen’s Gate makeover in London saw a simple studio apartment transformed into a luxury multi-level home

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When it comes to urban living, architectural innovation is very much about maximizing use of space. This example from London based firm Hogarth Architects does just that by taking a simple studio apartment and transforming it into a luxury multi-level home.

The makeover in Queen’s Gate London saw architects create a central structure that divided the space into three zones: living, sleeping and kitchen area.

Utilizing the generous high ceilings, the central structure provides a second storey, accommodating the master bedroom and ensuite. Frosted glass walls and balconies permit natural light to filter through to the elevated spaces.

The use of natural materials such as wood complements the large white walls and adds warmth to the home.

Source: Hogarth Architects

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This is great but it's not your average sized studio apartment, is it! I once had a nice studio apartment in central London but I couldn't stretch my arms out - and it cost a fortune!

Martin Geldart

Sounds like the flat I rented in Helsinki once. It already had a sleeping balcony. Then I did improvements dividimg a long and narrow kitchen, with two doors, into a smaller kitchen and laundry/ wardrobe room. My landlady was so impressed that she kicked me out amd moved back in herself!

Henry Van Campa

great - let me know where I can get a Studio apartment with a 4m+ high ceiling and I'll give them a call...... this 'studio' looks about the same internal space as my 3 bedroom, 2 storey semi-detached house......


Very nice space from the pictures provided, in the US we call that a loft.

Michael Gene

Amazing transformation, from one into two home. At least the family can really occupy the space even when they are big.


maximization of space in a functional and elegant style... VERY COOL!!!

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