ÖKO Odyssey 6-in-1 bottle filters water and shines light


March 18, 2014

The ÖKO Odyssey six-in-one water bottle/light

The ÖKO Odyssey six-in-one water bottle/light

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Most water drinkers are satisfied if their bottle does its single function – holding water for the occasional sip – effectively. Occasionally, an H20 aficionado is spoiled by two bottle functions, something like a built-in UV purifier or lantern. The new ÖKO Odyssey water bottle, on the other hand, blows bottle expectations up with six functions, including two filters, a flashlight, a lantern and a storage compartment. It's much more than just water.

The Odyssey has what ÖKO calls Level 1 and Level 2 filters. The first is just like your Brita carbon filter, designed for everyday use with tap water. It removes chlorine taste and odor, providing cleaner tasting water on the go. The Level 2 version is a more serious filter that can rip bacteria, cysts and other contaminants out of the water. ÖKO says that the Level 2 filter is designed to travel and clean water in more than 140 countries around the world, where water conditions are not as clean and reliable as they are in the first world.

The filters reside in the top of the Odyssey, and at the other end lies the bottle's additional functions. The bottom section unscrews, serving as an 8-oz (237 ml) cup and/or a small storage container for pills, snacks, keys and other small personal items.

The cup can also be replaced with the double-sided light adapter. When the light is pointed outward, the Odyssey works as a flashlight, casting light into the distance. When it's pointed inward, the device becomes a lantern, using the bottle as a shade to provide a diffuse area light. The bottle's handle doubles as a hanger, allowing it to hang from a tree, tent hanger, etc. Finally, the light includes a strobe function, creating an emergency signal light.

The 650-ml (22-oz) ÖKO Odyssey launched last month and retails for US$49.95, which includes the bottle itself, both Level 1 and 2 filters, the storage cup and the lighting attachment. It looks like a handy little gadget for those that want to squeeze a little extra function out of the water bottle they lug around all day anyway.

Source: OKO H2O

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This little bottle seems like a great idea, but there are quite a few flaws that I can see in already. First off, there are many parts that need to be carried around, as they do not all attach to the bottle at the same time. Second, it can only use one water filter at a time, so if you do not trust the water, and know there is chlorine in the water, you would have to filter with the first filter to remove the chlorine, then empty the water into something clean, attach the level 2 filter, and filter again.


Gosh... we are the first world? (grin) Does this thing filter out fluoride? This is a toxin few outside the "first world" has to worry about.

Righteous Indignation
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