Odorico Pordenone caravan concept brings style to the campground


February 13, 2012

Odorico Pordenone expandable trailer by Jakub Novak - rear view

Odorico Pordenone expandable trailer by Jakub Novak - rear view

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Jakub Novak, a Czech student from Brno University of Technology, designed a trailer that would look oddly out of place in a campground. Odorico Pordenone, named after Italian medieval traveler Odoric of Pordenone, offers all the benefits of a luxury camper van, while also allowing you to show off your stunning sports car. Expandable when stationary, the trailer strikes a fine balance between utility and beauty. Although Novak was awarded the Czech National Award for Student Design last year, the project remains only a concept.

Contrary to most expandable trailers that use tent-like structures to gain more room, Odorico Pordenone does not trade comfort for visual qualities. On the contrary, the trailer in its extended state looks even more interesting than when folded for transport. A simple crank-based mechanism is used to operate the "wings" that slide outwards on both sides of the main structure, revealing a large window. The trailer suddenly becomes wide enough to accommodate a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom fitted with a king-size bed.

The interior design is elegant yet minimalist and pragmatic. This last quality is evident in that additional sleeping space can be conjured up in case of emergencies, with up to four people able to have a good night's sleep. Similarly, many other fixtures were designed as multi-purpose spaces.

Since Novak is well versed in engineering, the whole design is much more than a flight of artistic fancy. His goal was to achieve full ergonomics and user comfort without sacrificing style. For instance, the design includes material specifications to ensure optimal heat exchange between the different parts of the cabin. Actually, since turning this design into reality is just a matter of money, perhaps we'll see one of these on the road one day. If you happen to spot it, do let us know.

Source: studentsky design

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Where\'s the solar? The wings that fold out could also be solar panels. Not having to plug in to an outlet for electricity or using gasoline should be a must. Charging the fancy sports car battery will also be done via solar.


Nice idea, but it still needs work.


Once the \"wings\" expand out you have your situation of leaves and debris resting on the expanders and then getting caught when they deploy in. Nice idea but for room you can\'t beat a BOX for sheer volume.


I think it is a cool camper idea. I agree that solar panels should be on the wings that move outward. I think the design has much potential.

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