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Odegon iron-on clothing tags tackle BO without deodorant


July 15, 2010

Enter armpit-sniffing competitions without fear using the Odegon Odour Tags (Image: jekert gwapo via Flickr)

Enter armpit-sniffing competitions without fear using the Odegon Odour Tags (Image: jekert gwapo via Flickr)

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Military technology has once again trickled down to the consumer level. This time in the form of iron-on tags that aim to eliminate the embarrassing problem of body odor. Employing an even more high-tech approach than the flatulence molecule soaking Better Marriage Blanket, the underarm clothing Odegon Odour Tags were apparently developed whilst formulating new materials for special filters to protect military personnel from lethal nerve gas and agents.

The tags are designed and produced by Odegon (odor gone, get it?) Technologies, which says the soft, chemical-free, odorless, inert, non-allergenic and environmentally-friendly teabag-sized fabric tags offer an instant and effective way to combat body odor. The fragrance-free tags aren’t designed to absorb perspiration, but rather they house a piece of activated nano-porous material that captures and stores the molecules that cause body odor.

When they are sewn in or ironed on to the inside of a garment they capture and store the molecules responsible for body odor and will function 24 hours a day for the life of the garment regardless of how many washes or dry cleans it receives. However, the company doesn’t recommend washing above 40 degrees Celsius and suggests that the garment be dry cleaned after 15 washes to allow any chemical residue found in washing powders to be released from the tags.

“We were right to assume that if the material met chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) suit requirements, it would easily tackle BO. We understand that deodorant products may not be keeping up with today’s active work and play lifestyles and that there is consumer reluctance to throw more chemicals at the problem, “ says Tom Rawlings, Odegon Technologies’ Managing Director.

The company envisions the tags being issued by employers as part of staff uniforms (thus avoiding awkward conversations over personal hygiene). And at a price of GBP11.95 (approx. US$18.25 at time of publication) for a pack of six (enough for three garments) they could make the perfect secret Santa gift for that guy in the office who isn’t aware he has a problem.

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