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Oblo didactic puzzle: good fun or just an exercise in frustration?


December 22, 2009

The Oblo didactic puzzle is designed to challenge a pre-schooler's mind whilst also develo...

The Oblo didactic puzzle is designed to challenge a pre-schooler's mind whilst also developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

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Why are we humans so obsessed with games and puzzles? Oh that’s right – they’re fun, often challenging and can entertain you for hours. Here’s an interesting puzzle concept that might entertain the youngsters - the Oblo didactic puzzle. It’s an intriguing three-dimensional puzzle that requires the user to find exactly the right extracting position in order to move to the next level. Will it be fun or just frustrating?

Conceived by Croation designer, Marko Pavlovic, this brightly colored puzzle is aimed at the preschool level. It is designed to not only challenge a child’s mind but also to help improve their fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The toy could also help children to develop their spatial skills through play-based learning - a focus of early childhood education. Besides all that, it looks fun – just what a kid wants from a puzzle.

It appears to begin life as a sphere, and each colored piece needs to be extracted in the right order from the fixed shape open space. Looks like solving the puzzle can be achieved in twelve moves but I imagine it may take some time before those moves are worked out.

Unfortunately, at this stage it is just a concept…it’s not fair, I wanted one for Christmas!

Via Swiss Miss via Behance.

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