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Obama '08 gets a (useful!) iPhone application


October 2, 2008

Obama '08 gets a (useful!) iPhone application

Obama '08 gets a (useful!) iPhone application

October 3, 2008 The words "politics" and "tech-savvy" haven't always sat comfortably in the same sentence, but the Obama '08 iPhone Application is evidence that things are set to change on the campaign trail. Refreshingly, the app is more than just a trendy stunt from the Democratic Nominee's camp, taking advantage of several of the iPhones' capabilities with a range of tools that could actually be useful for those wanting to get involved.

The application provides feedback on the campaign in the form of videos and photos as well as using GPS to deliver news and events coverage via text messages or email - complete with maps and directions. Networking is encouraged through a "Call friend" function which lets you know which of your friends you've hassled, lists them by State and keeps track of those who are on-side, as well as rating your proselytizing performance against other people using the application. As you might expect, there's also contact details for the local party headquarters, policy outlines and a dedicated donate button.

Obama '08: The Official iPhone application via Gizmodo.

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