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O1M One Moment natural, biodegradable shoes are like condoms for your feet


December 22, 2011

O1M shoes are a light, biodegradable and inexpensive choice for barefoot enthusiasts

O1M shoes are a light, biodegradable and inexpensive choice for barefoot enthusiasts

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The concept for these bright plastic shoes comes from native Amazonians, that did essentially graft soles to their feet. As explained by the manufacturer, the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest painted their soles with latex derived from Hevea trees. These served as protection during the rainy season, eventually wearing off and degrading back into the earth. The soles were a local, natural solution.

... and so too are the One Moments designed to be as low impact as possible, both on your feet and on the environment. The shoes are made from 100 percent biodegradable plastics and materials, so that when their life cycle ends, they'll degrade back to the earth that bore them.

In terms of benefits, the shoes have an elastic quality that adheres to your foot. That, combined with their small, light build reportedly means that you'll enjoy more natural movements and reactions. With a 2mm anti-slip sole, you'll also get protection from slick surfaces. Despite the fact that they look like thick plastic bags, the shoes are supposedly breathable.

One Moments should also prove great for travel. The thin, pliable material appears capable of crunching, rolling and folding into whatever shape that you need. Stick 'em in a plastic bag; roll them up; and shove them in a tiny corner of your suitcase. Of course, you'll have to be comfortable wearing bright plastic clown shoes in a foreign land to cash in on that particular benefit.

You can argue about the benefits vs. weird looks of these things all day, but at least they're not way overpriced as new, trendy items tend to be. These will be some of the cheapest shoes that you ever buy. The retail price is 10 euros (US$13), and as of publishing, if you buy two pairs, you get a third for free. They're manufactured in Spain, so depending upon where you're looking to have them shipped, that price may quickly multiply with the addition of shipping costs.

Unfortunately for folks who prefer understated looks and earth tones, the One Moments only come in colors like "Lipstick Red" and "Shiny Yellow." Find more product and ordering information at the O1M website.

Source: The GearCaster

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You won\'t be wearing those on the trails around where I live. Horses dance on the rocks on our trails and they are wearing iron shoes....


. . . im just seeing sweaty feet left and right....im not so sure this is a good idea....there is not ventilation. whats to keep your feet from sliding right out from all the moisture?

Peter Phoomahal Jr

Wooh, stinky feet will become the norm !!

Great idea, wrong materials. Modified slightly, it could be a winner. As it is, there\'ll just be a lot of \"cool\" customers who\'ll spend a fortune on skin specialists.


I see these causing \"feet farts\" you know, a unique odour, phrafft,

Bill Bennett

SUpposedly Breathable material, shold reduce the stinky feet.My problem is the biodegradability.. Enough of that Non bio-degradable plastic seems to break down all to fast. I would hate to reach into the pack to put them on and find that they have bio-degraded on me and are useless, that free pair may well be needed.


I would order some but not sure of the sizing???

Paula Boubary

These would be excellent sailing shoes / kayak shoes. You usually don\'t want anything on your feet while sailing, but the deck gets too slippery and jumping out as you pull up to shore can be worrying.


is there a phone# for this company because i purchases a few pairs and it\'s been 1.5 months and they have not arrived and they don\'t respond to e-mail. this company may be a crock be careful

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