Raven controller brings a touch of Xbox to your PS3


August 29, 2010

The Raven controller for PS3 from Nyko

The Raven controller for PS3 from Nyko

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The controller is probably the gamers’ most important tool. The controller that was first released for the original PlayStation back in December 1994 has remained largely unchanged in design through the release of the PS2 and the current PS3 to become a classic and instantly recognizable to gamers the world over. Despite its iconic status, some PS3 gamers prefer the feel of the the Xbox controller in their hands and, while there are plenty of third-party controllers floating around, there are few that cater to this market as well as the Raven from Nyko.

Maybe it’s my oversized paws or the fact that I purchased an Xbox before a PS2, but I have to admit I have always preferred the slightly larger controller available for Microsoft’s consoles – the S, not the bulky original Xbox controller. Although I own both a PS3 and an Xbox 360, that preference has often been a deciding factor in opting for a multi-platform title on the 360 over the PS3 version. Nyko’s Raven controller could help even the playing field by providing a distinctly Xbox-like controller for Sony’s console.

Like the Xbox controller, Nyko’s Raven sports a bit more bulk to wrap your mitts around than the PS3’s DualShock controller and swaps the positions of the directional pad and left analogue thumbstick around. The stumpy triggers of Sony’s DualShock controller have also posed problems for yours truly by providing a less than adequate surface area in particularly intense gaming moments, so the Raven’s angled triggers that are designed to keep fingers from slipping off also sound like a welcome addition. The Raven features the full array of buttons and a Soft Feel surface covering its entire body. It also comes with full multi-axis motion and rumble support.

The only downside is the use of USB dongle for wireless communication instead of Bluetooth like the DualShock, but with a range of 25 feet (7.6m) it’s only a minor annoyance. The built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to 25 hours of game time and can be recharged through any Mini USB cable or Nyko’s Charge Base 2.

Of course, gaming controllers are a personal preference and many are happy with their DualShock controllers just the way they are, thank you very much. In the future maybe Nyko will bring out a controller for the Xbox 360 fashioned after that iconic design to appeal to those gamers.

The Nyko Raven is available now for an MSRP of US$34.99.

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I actually went to the site to buy this, but it\'s not available within either 800 miles or online...

Racqia Dvorak

While there are many problems with the PS controller, the worst being that it is WAY to small to fit comfortably in any normal American sized hand.


Check out the forum at Ben Heckendorn's site. There's some people on there who have swapped the innards between 360 and PS3 controllers and done hacks like swapping the positions of the d-pad and left stick on a 360 controller.

The original Xbox controller was pretty much a knock off of the Dreamcast controller, with a couple extra buttons and the right analog stick added.

Gregg Eshelman
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